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Welcome!  This website is here for the purpose of bringing you political and newsworthy issues of the day.

Susan will give you her perspective and will STAND FOR TRUTH.  She believes that life has no meaning unless it is lived in truth!

By way of introduction, Susan Knowles is a licensed psychotherapist, former practicing California attorney, online conservative radio talk show personality and producer at Stand For Truth Radio.

She has appeared as a guest on The Glenn Beck Show, The Pat & Stu Show and The Rick Amato Show on One America News Network.

Susan has also been a frequent guest on The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson. In addition, she has made guest appearances on  AM 760 KFMB, 600 KOGO News Radio San Diego, 106.7 WYAY FM in Atlanta, News Radio 610 WIOD in Miami, Fla. and Overnight America with Jon Grayson.

Susan is also a former Contributor to TheBlaze.

Her political fiction, “Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember” can be found on Amazon.

She has videos on this website and on her YouTube channel – Susan Knowles.

Please subscribe and follow Susan on Twitter as well at @SusanKnowles.

I value your comments and your time.  I hope you will join me in taking a stand today so that we will have a better tomorrow!

Susan Knowles

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  1. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON THE STATE of ma yes lower case someone is in the wrong position separating Justina from her family some stupid phyco with a degree of education to be dangerous to society. Probably starts at the bottom of the educational totem pole a social worker no doubt. My heartfelt prayers are there for the family.

  2. Carlene Lemon // 5 April, 2014 at 10:55 am //

    As a parent & grandmother my sympathy goes out totally for Justina & her family. What is wrong with our DHS system. Taking a sick child away from her parents make me sick. How can they live with their ;conscience? Wonder how they would feel if their child was taken from them?

  3. You do NOT know how happy I am to know there are people in this state who are alert to child trafficking in government. I have something for you to read I am sending out tomorrow. This is a nightmare. I do independent FNCS research and have nailed the LDS involved in trafficking beyond the imagination and linked to the abduction to Canadian indigenous to service their need for SKIRTS victims for ritual sacrifice. That’s no doubt taking you by surprise, but the letter I have prepared will explain more in the context of my battle with County of San Bernardino Adult Services and now Superior Court linked to LDS in a blood liable mission creep. Next post. It will take me a few minutes to format for this medium.

  4. DATE 8 August 2014


    Wayne Henkelmann/MFT
    Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino, FAX (909) 498-2203

    Bob Habel/MS
    Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino, FAX (909) 498-2203

    Mike Ramos, San Bernardino District Attorney
    303 West 3rd Street, 6th Floor, San Bernardino, CA 92415-0502

    California State Auditor, Attn Investigations Unit
    621 Capitol Mall, Suite 1200, Sacramento, CA 95814

    Andrew Bauer, County of San Bernardino, Dept. Aging & Adult Services
    686 E. Mill Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415

    Trachanel Williams, County of San Bernardino, Dept. Aging & Adult Services
    686 E. Mill Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415

    Susan Knowles, Stand for Truth

    Kevin Annett




    6 August 2014 SCCCSB Home Visit re Henklemann/Habel
    Superior Court of California, San Bernardino

    8 August 2014, Henklemann/Habel, Page 2

    You folks presented at my home 6 August 2014 at approximately 11:00 AM. and conducted a forensic interview I am guessing had something to do with my Twitter messages to district Attorney, Michael Ramos. You never stated the purpose of your visit.

    This is my response to your predation.

    Your visit to my home was precipitated by two events: 1) my having thrown off adult services attempt to rendition my handicapped daughter on SATANIC protocol which I proved to the county in writing that you folks were in fact using terror tangent (SATAN; Mercury retrograde 4 June/IHSS and 20 June Adult services) protocol. When you got caught, you attempted to cover your tracks by rewiring the original allegation of Adult abuse favorable to diminishing the provocateurs involvement in a trafficking scheme. In other words, instead of prosecuting these individuals for their crimes, county attempted criminalize me via profiling, and 2) I communicated this issue to Michael Ramos via Twitter, linked to the Sylvia Maria Flores occult rendition.

    It took a major effort to hold off your county rendition project on my handicapped daughter (20 June 2014).

    You had NO business servicing ANYONE’S trafficking agenda, and you are remiss running cover for residential provocateurs that are harassing my daughter and I around the clock predatory and opportunistic to separate us on their call to Adult San Bernardino Adult Services, through gladiatorial involvement with the San Bernardino County Sheriff and NOW the Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino. This issue is being thoroughly documented with all agencies involved, including the Mormon Church, for our safety.

    The owner of our rental unit, networked with County of San Bernardino via LDS entities in positions to control this project from every one of your offices, is servicing
    a blood liable against my family in perpetuity. This is being networked via fraternal organizations throughout the county, and you too are acting under orders to press this agenda further in mission creep for LDS leadership.

    8 August 2014, Henklemann/Habel, Page 3

    I redacted my membership with the LDS in 1995. This criminal organization has been in full court press since via blood liable. We were baited to three locations by these perverts, every one of these manifesting in circumstances that presented in our current residence. There’s more power here, because the LDS have direct control of our rental unit, and they are using the residential provocateur that moved in above us to attempt to force a confrontation that will be used to separate my handicapped daughter from her home.

    You have the guns and resources to make this happen, but this is no hero’s mission to improve circumstances for my handicapped daughter. You folks couldn’t replace the care she gets from me, but you will do if you can get away with it is force a separation that destroys our family in keeping with LDS blood liable in perpetuity for a paycheck. You’re an asset to a crime syndicate that SKIRTS children at will for breeding. They’ve been doing this in the US for the past 100 years.

    You are no doubt aware of the recent death of Major General Harold J. Greene. Wonderful man. Excellent leadership. Strong family. All the bells and whistles. He was ALSO the bastard son of Thomas Monson via a SKIRTS victim renditioned from Canada, probably a child, who was sacrificed moments before delivery. You want to force me down because I know this and am making others aware of this? Go ahead. Heaven Night Club, Mexico. Thomas Monson. Retainer sacrifice.

    While at my home, you pressed me to write personal statements for you, which I refused to do. You directed me to do the following:

    1) Get a medical Doctor on my handicapped daughter’s disability to prove she’s disabled. SHE ALREADY HAS A DIAGNOSIS. YOU HAVE THESE RECORDS.

    2) Get a stress therapist for me. You rationalized my stress was caused by caring for my daughter against the backdrop of county’s around the clock harassment from YOUR gangland residential provocateur. Mormons control the gangs dumb dumb. Where do you think they get their “Jesuit” training from? Brigham Young was a Jesuit. Your local provocateur is networked with SEIU and ultimately formerly the International Ladies

    8 August 2014, Henklemann/Habel, Page 4

    Garment Workers, the latter having been implicated in child trafficking in the Midwest and linked to the untimely death/assassination of Senator Nancy Schaefer. Regarding the therapist, I mentioned someone not to your liking, and you demurred. I could fairly accurately guess the reason for that. A profiling scheme so tightly packaged your savior Obama himself couldn’t wiggle free of it.

    3) You “invited” me in a coercive meeting to sign up for Obamacare.

    4) You insisted on using Regional Center for services which I vehemently opposed for the simple reason this entity will kowtow to whatever trafficking scheme school districts and courts come up with to service their needs for making money. Corrupt psychologists make this work. Case in point one of my own former students was assessed by regional center and fraudulently determined to have been retarded which rewarded the parent with SSI benefits and the district with a long term head count for federally funded classes. This is a matter of district record. The parent redacted her cooperation, and I restored the child to mainstream education against the will of district psychologist. She graduated, BTW. There is absolutely no reason to trust regional center with my handicapped daughter as I am quite sure this entity will continue to service your rendition agenda.

    Upon terminating this meeting you stated, “In California when you piss people off, they get revenge. People around here don’t like you.” You were friendly as hell when you told me this. Reality is I don’t know anyone around here: however, I am aware of a neighbor whose daughter told her younger sib her father touched her vagina. Mom knows I overheard this washing my truck. Is THIS one of the people you are referring to. Are you covering for these people, too? Is this normal for you?

    You stated you would contact me in two weeks, I just don’t recall why. I think to provide us with a referral for housing.


  5. There’s a ratio in the Mason compass and square= 113. This number represents 280/40. That is the gestation period of human females thus: 280days= additive sum 1; 40 weeks= derivative additives 1 and 3, hence 113. Very simple, and every Mason of status knows this.

    The Masons are a breeding application engineered to breed down intelligence in the mainstream by taking SKIRTS victims in tandem, sacrificing one curbside and breeding other to the elite. The latter undergoes horrific abuse during gestation and is sacrificed moments before giving birth. Egyptian mysticism is the origin of SKIRTS AKA the black mass.

    the Mormon church practices the black mass to the tune of 3300 female victims per year in the US alone. Sue Emmet, Brigham Young’s great grand daughter, redacted.

  6. Arlan Anderson, LDS priest and public school administrator at Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, is cartographically linked to the Sylvia Marie Flores SKIRTS rendition (Redlands/February 2013). Proof available AND circulated. This monster performed one of his Satanic pre abduction rituals on my then three year old daughter in 1989. His wife’s a Molly. LDS Mollies co perp SKIRTS renditions.

  7. Copy

    @Tim Donnelly

    I am contacting you regarding Gabriel Fernandez murder. I believe you are genuinely motivated to audit CPS. The point of this message is to confoirm Fernandez death was a child sacrifice, the institution of which is prolific in county governments throughout the state.

    The entity on this is 9th circle AKA ONA, and they have as much determination to establish this practice as the Masons did to formulate their organization 1500 concurrent with secession of the Church of England from the Vatican.

    The numbers confirm both parental involvement in this horrific event and county collaborated engineering which made it possible for them to precisely follow the numbers on this SKIRTS rendition.

    21 February (Fernandez’s DOB)= the 52nd day of year (7). His parents contact with 911, 22 May, was the 142nd day of year (7), 223 days remaining (7). This child’s death two days later 24 May there were 221 days remaining in the year. 2/21 was this child’s birth date.

    San Bernardino County Adult services attempted to pull this same tactic on my handicapped daughter throwing themselves at an SEIU provocateured human trafficking scheme during the mercury retrograde 2 June- 20 June 2014. I fully documented this event to which they responded by sending out two superior Court psychologists to counter document my having fought them off.

    Absolutely, Fernandez was a child sacrifice. CPS is institutional on 9th Circle/ONA by “mistake and misunderstanding” in perpetuity and linked to the Mormon Church in these activities. I am under a blood atonement for my documentation of the Melchizedek priesthood involvement in SKIRTS renditions in the US.

    c/Susan Knowles, Sue Emmet

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