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Accusations a Colorado Teacher Allowed Students to Beat a Pinata with President Trump’s Picture On It

Remember the days when schools use to act as role models for your children? Parents in Weld RE-5J School District in Colorado may be asking themselves if those days are long gone.

The statement posted on the district’s Facebook page on Saturday indicates that during a particular Spanish class at Roosevelt high school, the picture of President Donald  was placed on a pinata in celebration of Cinco De Mayo and students were allowed to smash the pinata by tying it to a tree and hitting it with a bat.

The teacher in charge of the class has been placed on paid administrative leave while the school conducts an investigation. The investigation will begin on Monday, May 8.

The Superintendent, Dr. Martin released a statement as follows:

“This was an incredibly disrespectful act that does not reflect the values of Roosevelt High School or the school district.”

In a quick search to find an example of when a school teacher or district disrespected former President Obama, no evidence was found of any such occurrence.

However, you may remember when a teacher at a North Carolina high school allegedly warned a student in her class that he could be arrested for speaking ill of Obama. The teacher was suspended with pay.

The school noted in 2012, that the incident could be used as a learning experience.

The recent Colorado incident can also be used as a teaching moment for parents and students alike.

What should be obvious to parents is the need to know what’s happening in your child’s classroom and how it may contradict what you as parents teach your child.

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