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ACLU Tweets Photo of Young White Child and Gets Blasted By Hate

Tensions have been on the rise. Most recently following the violence and loss of life at Charlottesville, VA.

Confederate monuments have been removed, destroyed, burned and defiled all in the name of removing “white supremacy” from public land and elsewhere.

Soon, some moved beyond Confederate statues and decided to deface others including a statue of President Abraham Lincoln that was burned in Chicago, a statue of Christopher Columbus covered in red paint and now additional statues have been deemed worthy of removal by those on the Left, even though they have no connection to the Confederacy.

The liberal Left never stops once they begin a course of action to promote their agenda.

For instance, the term “white supremacy” has moved beyond those the Left wanted President Trump to specifically denounced in Charlottesville and apparently now applies to “white children?”

Earlier this week, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) posted a tweet which was immediately criticized by those following the  organization on Twitter:

“This is the future that ACLU members want.”

Some of the more critical responses were as follows:

A White kid with a flag?!

Imagine asking that question about a black, Hispanic or Asian child’s picture in a promotion. Nyasha Junior had no problems asking that about a white child.

The ACLU responded with: “When your Twitter followers keep you in check and remind you that white supremacy is everywhere.”

In other words, the mere placement of a white person’s photo on an organization’s tweet, is interpreted by liberals as representative of “white supremacy” due only to the fact that the person in the photo is white.

Those on Twitter picked up on the “implied message” and hammered the ACLU for not speaking out against it.

Little kid with flag = white supremacy. Got it @ACLU good to know where you guys stand.

Others, angry at ACLU’s judgment for placing a white person’s photo in the organization’s tweet, were quick to voice their opinions:

What? All blond folk! I don’t get this silly post. The future ACLU wants is a little blond kid???

Supporting Nazis, then tweeting little blond kids? Get your shit together.”

What can be learned from this?

One person says it best:

“Today I learned that being white makes you a neo-Nazi. Interesting.”

If you recall, the concept of “white privilege” was used to divide the races during the Obama administration.

The Left used the term to convince non-whites that due to their skin color, whites were afforded a privilege or special treatment that non-whites could never achieve.

The mention of “white privilege” stirred up emotions that often led to protests on college campuses and elsewhere.

The tragedy of Charlottesville is expanding the concept of “white privilege” to include”white supremacy,” at least by those on the Left.

Look for the Left’s message to eventually conclude that “all” white people are “white supremacists” and should be treated as such unless rational minds prevail, of course.

Instead of denouncing any form of hate or racial discord, the ACLU was quick to remedy their “mistake” and make their followers happy by posting a new tweet.

PSA: The future we want is babies in ACLU onesies. For more cute ACLU babies, follow us on Instagram!

Congratulations ACLU.

By your apology, you just normalized and perpetuated racial bias.





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2 Comments on ACLU Tweets Photo of Young White Child and Gets Blasted By Hate

  1. Chris Bieber // 25 August, 2017 at 5:45 am //

    ACLU supports RACIST Planned Parenthood and its RACIST Founder Margaret Danger and her RACIST plan to get rid of minorities through slaughtering them by abortion. Slaughtering babies of any color is evil…so is the hypocracy and cowardice of the ACLU.

  2. Kathryn Hermann // 25 August, 2017 at 6:00 am //

    Excellent article about what the ACLU is representing & just how wrong the left is to assume. Theyr’e going down the wrong rode & that puts them on the wrong side of HISTORY! They better check themselves before they wreck themselves! If Obama thinks he’s doing something, he’s not going to succeed their are 320 million citizens in this country, most of wihich will stay true to AMERICAN values!

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