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African-American Model Fired For Attending Young Black Leadership Conference?

If you’re young, African-American and see yourself as a conservative leader, those on the Left may not want to represent you. Just ask African-american model Zoe Bethel who received bad news recently for having had the audacity to attend a Young Black Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. put on by Turning Point USA.

You may remember seeing the members of the Young Black Leadership Summit wearing their MAGA hats and loudly cheering and applauding when President Trump entered the room at the White House.

The smiles on their faces and their enthusiasm were infectious.

Republican activist Candace Owens was also in the crowd of young black leaders fulfilling a dream of hers to bring them to the White House to discuss how “America First” policies are imminently benefiting the African-American community.

Model Zoe Bethel snapped a photo with Owens at the conference as a reminder of the awe-inspiring event.

However, not everyone was elated by Bethel’s attendance.

Allegedly, she was fired from her modeling agency via text message which read:

“The team has been talking about your political racist connections and we have decided to release you from your contract. We are an agency based on love acceptance and inclusiveness and your current public persona is not relative to our brand. Best of luck to you. XX Ursula”

Can’t you just feel the love, acceptance and inclusiveness?

Owens responded by tweeting in part:

“This is ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC. A young woman who attended our summit was released from her modeling contract when she got home for supporting and this administration. Political bias is DISCRIMINATION. I am APPALLED at this circumstance. #BLEXIT @BLEXIT”

How many more reasons does someone need to vote Republican in this midterm election for the Party who embraces them for who they are, not who the Left thinks they should be?

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3 Comments on African-American Model Fired For Attending Young Black Leadership Conference?

  1. Thomas Faddis // 5 November, 2018 at 10:17 am //

    “If you’re not receiving flak, you’re Not over the target!” #Blexit

  2. Love he archive chat with Rodney Lee Conover from 2017. That’s how I found out about you. Are you hosting, or do you know of any events in Los Angeles between Dec. 5 and 12, for meeting people who think like you? I want to make some new acquaintances. I just nearly lost a friend after offering to share a link to a mildly conservative article in order to explain to her why I’ve shifted some of my political sympathies. Is there any group that meets to talk politics or just commiserate with like minds? Tell Rodney I said hello.

    Stay strong & thank you!

  3. Evonn:

    None in LA that I know of so far. However, I’m on Periscope each day except Wednesday, LIVE at 11amET. A great group of people come there and we discuss news, politics, Christianity, etc. You’d love it. If you want to join us then follow me on Periscope under @SusanKnowles and I’m on Twitter at @SusanKnowles. Hope to see you there.


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