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Another Democrat in ‘Hot Water?’ Sen. Kamala Harris May Face Lawsuit

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. may find herself facing a lawsuit for alleged abuse of authority when she was California’s attorney general.

A San Diego district court judge on Wednesday said that allegations against Harris likely have enough merit to go to trial.

District Court Judge Conzalo Curiel said:

“At this juncture, given the limited scope the court has to view these allegations … it seems almost inconceivable the court could grant a motion to dismiss.”

Curiel also said that Plaintiff’s claim “is not a random allegation the court can just ignore.”

Why does the judge see this as something she can’t ignore?

Harris is being accused of playing favorites by benefiting a powerful union over a national healthcare organization.

The plaintiff, Prime Healthcare Services, alleges that Harris placed arduous requirements on it when it attempted to buy another healthcare company.

Prime alleges that Harris did so in order to benefit the Service Employees International Union, which was attempting to organize Prime’s employees.

It just so happens that SEIU donated to Harris’s 2010 and 2014 campaigns when she ran for attorney general and gave again in 2016 to her successful Senate campaign.

In California, the attorney general’s office oversees all sales and purchases of nonprofits.

Typically, the AG’s office requires that a company purchasing a nonprofit healthcare provider must maintain the nonprofit’s current level of services for at least “five years.”

When it came to Prime and their attempt to purchase Daughter’s of Charity Health System, Harris’s office extended the requirement to “10 years.”

Can anyone say conflict of interest?

According to Prime’s attorney John Mills, the time requirement had never before been changed by Harris’s office until it involved the particular plaintiff, Prime.

Michele Inan, attorney for Harris said:

“Every single transaction is different.”

Inan requested a summary judgment to dismiss the case which was denied by the court.

If the lawsuit does move forward in the event Harris loses and reaches the appellate court on appeal, Harris has a chance of convincing the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to rule in her favor.

After all, that particular court is one of the most liberal courts in America.

And Harris, who many claim has aspirations for becoming president one day soon, would surely feel at home and among friends in that appellate court.



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