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Arkansas AG: ‘Sanctuary Cities Encourage Unconstitutional Chaos’

President Donald Trump sat down on Tuesday with Law Enforcement officials and members of Congress from around the country. At issue is what can be legally done to punish those states and cities that continue to protect criminal illegal aliens from law enforcement, putting law enforcement and the public at risk.

One attendee, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge clearly understands what is at stake.

Following the discussion, Rutledge put out a statement about the dangers of ‘sanctuary cities’ and the need for federal law enforcement in combating illegal immigration.

Rutledge said:

“As Arkansas’s chief legal officer, it was an honor to bring Arkansas’s voice to the table to share with President Trump the urgent need to protect our communities from radical sanctuary policies.”

Unfortunately, the dangers of sanctuary cities and states do not stop at their borders – every Arkansan and American community is less safe because of unlawful actions taken by dangerous officials implementing their own radical agendas.

These policies not only invite crime but encourage unconstitutional chaos by challenging the rule of law and pitting local and federal law enforcement agencies against each other.

America is the ultimate sanctuary and we cannot allow our country to become a cesspool where illegal alien criminals can hide among our masses.”

Rutledge’s words ring true for most Americans.

Allowing government officials to IGNORE and DISOBEY the law puts law enforcement and every citizen inside and outside of a ‘sanctuary city’ in danger.

The “unconstitutional chaos” that Rutledge describes allows some members of the public, namely government officials, to ignore the law while its citizens become involuntary “sitting ducks” for criminals.

States like California, which endanger its citizens by their lawless practice of protecting criminal illegal aliens, also put other states at risk across the country.

All to often, gang members like MS-13 and other criminals illegally protected within the U.S., move from state to state while committing additional crimes.

Not only do these sanctuary city policies endanger many lives but they also cause state law enforcement officers to be pitted against fellow federal law enforcement officers rather than work together to protect the public, as all state and federal officers have sworn to do.

In listening to Rutledge and others speak, many on the panel asked the question “Why would a city or state and its state leadership want to protect criminal illegals?”

The obvious answer would be to say that those on the Left only want to fill up their voting rolls with illegals to wrestle back control of Congress and the White House.

While this may be partially true, I believe there is a bigger reason why the Left protects criminal illegal aliens.

The goal of elitists, globalists, communists and progressives is to create a global, borderless society.

That is not what most Americans want, however.

Most Americans are in support of a border wall to keep out those who would come to our country to harm us.

Trump has worked tirelessly from the beginning of his presidency to keep Americans safe by blocking individuals from entering the country who are a viable threat to our way of life.

The Left, however has done everything to stop Trump from keeping the nation’s citizens safe, even seeking injunctions from the courts to open up the free flow of individuals across our borders.

Their efforts have failed in many respects and the Trump administration has been able to limit those that enter our country.

However, the Left is persistent and never has just one plan to fulfill its agenda.

What better way of achieving a “borderless society” than by allowing illegal aliens to cross into our country and then protecting them from deportation through the use of ‘sanctuary city’ policies.

The end result?

The creation of a global society free from federal government interference and aided by those on the Left within state and federal government. All accomplished under the guise of “public safety” for illegal aliens.

This lawless effort must be stopped with the full force of the federal government before it is too late.

As Rutledge aptly said, “America is the ultimate sanctuary and we cannot allow our country to become a cesspool where illegal alien criminals can hide among our masses.”

Nor can we allow “a cesspool” formed by the Left to assist the Left in building a global society, starting right here on American soil.




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