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California Senate Leader Calls Trump’s Law Enforcement Policies On ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ White Supremacy

California Democratic Senate Leader Kevin de Leon accused President Donald Trump and U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions of basing their law enforcement policies on principles of white supremacy.

De Leon made his statement shortly after the federal government issued a letter indicating they may whithhold $20 million or more in criminal justice grants from California unless “the state can verify in writing that the state and its counties and cities are not restricting the sharing of information with federal immigration authorities regarding the citizenship status of people in prison and jail cells.”

De Leon said:

“It has become abundantly clear that Atty. Gen. [Jeff] Sessions and the Trump administration are basing their law enforcement policies on principles of white supremacy — not American values.

Their constant and systematic targeting of diverse cities and states goes beyond constitutional norms and will be challenged at every level.”

Alan R. Hanson, acting assistant attorney general for the federal Office of Justice Programs wrote in his letter:

“Failure to comply with this condition could result in the withholding of grant funds, suspension or termination of the grant, ineligibility for future [OJP] grants or subgrants, or other action, as appropriate.”


Republican Assemblyman James Gallagher of Yuba City was the first to take exception to de Leon’s statement regarding “white supremacy.”

Gallagher said:

“That’s a ridiculous statement.

Nobody here is talking about the state becoming an immigration agency or doing ICE’s job for them. It’s about whether you comply with federal law.”

Daniel Shallman, an attorney with the firm of Covington & Burling wrote in response to Hanson’s letter:

“It is our understanding that these laws do not violate federal law and would not be subject to an enforcement action by the federal government.”

Former U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. is in charge of the legal strategy for the state of California, following de Leon’s hiring of him, without taxpayers’ permission, earlier this year.

De Leon recently introduced SB54, a bill that seeks to make California a sanctuary state for immigrants living in the country illegally.

De Leon said about his relatives in February:

“Half of my family would be eligible for deportation under the executive order, because they got a false social security card, they got a false identification, they got a false driver’s license prior to us passing AB 60, they got a false green card, and anyone who has family members who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some sort of false identification.”

That’s what you need to survive, to work. They are eligible for massive deportation.”

What better way to distract from his own family’s alleged illegal actions, according to de Leon, then to make false allegations about the Trump administration and “white supremacy?”

The question Californians need to be asking themselves is whether the actions de Leon is taking are in the best interests of California or done to protect his own family members?

California, because of its misguided Democratic leadership, may find itself on the losing end of the “sanctuary city” argument with the Trump administration.

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4 Comments on California Senate Leader Calls Trump’s Law Enforcement Policies On ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ White Supremacy

  1. richard silbert // 24 April, 2017 at 11:29 am //

    This is typical of democratic hysteria with de leon who is unfit to hold office.

  2. R. miller // 24 April, 2017 at 4:13 pm //

    Upholding American laws is a responsibility of elected Local, State, and National office holders! If you choose to set yourself, AND your represented voters Above the Laws…..DO NOT EXPECT PUBLIC FUNDS TO REWARD YOU! NOT ONLY WOULD TRUMP WITHHOLD FEDERAL MONIES…..GOVENORS, Mayors, and any others who fail to enforce should BE DENIED FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL FUNDING! AND THEY SHOULD FACE CRIMINAL CHARGES FOR DERILICTION OF DUTIES, to include REMOVAL FROM OFFICE, and in my opinion…..JAIL/PRISON TIME FOR THE CRIMES!

  3. The liberals have all sort of definitions to describe anything they don’t like to try and brainwash the general public! Problem is the general
    Public is on to them and find them boring, mental, liars and outdated!

  4. Robert Cuillerier // 29 April, 2017 at 7:23 pm //

    The Liberal agenda of the Democrats in California, have generated more death of innocent California. Have you noticed the ones that are calling Trump a RACIST are Mexicans by surnames? So I say, if they were born in our GREAT country of criminal Hispanic’s border jumpers, then you are an unlawful. Go back to your home country.

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