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Caravan Advances Closer While Financial Burden Grows Larger

While many on the Left continue to complain about sending the military to the US-Mexico border to protect Americans from the onslaught of the large advancing caravan, taxpayers on the Right are already beginning to realize the huge financial impact that is to come.

Last week, a dozen illegal aliens who have not yet reached American soil, filed a class-action lawsuit against the Trump administration, claiming a violation of their due process under the Fifth Amendment.

That’s right. They’re claiming U.S. Constitutional Rights violations.

The lawsuit addresses the President’s claim that he will stop the caravan from entering the U.S.  Plaintiffs argue that asylum-seekers can’t be stopped by using the military to keep them out.

It also criticizes Trump for alleging that criminals and gang members were among those in the caravan and said he was just stoking “fear and hysteria.”

In addition to the cost of the lawsuit and providing extra military protection, the price tag for taxpayers will also include upcoming expenses for housing, food, medical care and other services for those housed in tents for an indefinite period of time.

It’s also uncertain what extra financial toll will be incurred because of the 1997 Flores agreement which mandates that the government must release children from detention without unnecessary delay to their parents, other adult relatives or licensed programs.

Minors under the agreement must also receive a certain quality of life beyond the basic necessities and medical assistance which includes being housed in air conditioned facilities. Something that not even all American children have where they live.

Perhaps, setting up tents on Mexico’s soil would provide a better financial and political alternative to the burden on Americans if Mexico can guarantee that it won’t interfere with U.S. military operations.

Once the caravan reaches the U.S., groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and mainstream media will plant themselves along side of concertina wires to film the “torture and horror” of illegal immigrants being housed in air conditioned tents and other accommodations that they’ve most likely never received back in their own country.

Bypassing the first asylum country law that allowed those in the caravan to seek asylum from the first country they reached which offers it, in this case Mexico, they have chosen to continue on to America where the hope of a potential greater financial future awaits them.

American braces for a greater financial burden.


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