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Confused About Who’s Telling the Truth These Days? ‘Look Up!’

truthLet’s face it. We live in a world today where it’s getting more difficult by the hour to know who or what to believe.

We’ve been fed lies by the “deep state” about President Donald Trump, his administration and campaign.

The “deep state” and other liberals continue to push an agenda of “collusion with Russia” which has to their chagrin, never been proven. But they keep hoping and each day plod along to make something stick even when there are NO facts to back up their claims.

Special counsel Robert Mueller who was appointed almost a year ago to investigation “Russia interference with the election” keeps beating a dead horse while expanding his scope to find apparently ANYTHING on anyone who is NOT a Democrat.

Even though he keeps coming up empty, he keeps spending God only knows how much money on this pointless investigation.

Those on the liberal Left continue to hold out hope that maybe, just maybe that Billy Bush tape had a secret hidden meaning contained in it that was a code proving Russia collusion after all.

Sorry, I couldn’t help but sarcastically go there.

And what is the next big controversy Trump is facing?

I’ll first tell you what it’s not. There is no bombshell written in former FBI Director James Comey’s book. It’s a complete bust for Comey.

Instead, the book will more than likely become “self-incriminating” statements which will be used against Comey, should anyone bother to investigate.

But the latest controversy regarding Syria seems to be our new focus.

Even Info Wars “star” Alex Jones slid further down the rabbit hole this past weekend when Trump, without Jones’s permission, had the audacity to conduct an airstrike with our allies, Britain and France, in Syria.

Jones flew into a profanity-laced tirade that would make a U.S. Navy Seal blush. Well, maybe not a Seal but you get my point.


Jones wasn’t the only one who threw in the proverbial “MAGA towel” this past Friday.

Many were saying that Trump promised he wouldn’t strike Syria in 2013 (3 years before he became president) while other critics were quick to agree that Trump had disappointed them.

Most ignored what Trump recently said as President.

Trump promised in March that he wouldn’t attempt to remove Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria. And, he hasn’t attempted to removed Assad. Instead, Trump continues to hold that he wants to withdraw our troops from the region as soon as is prudent to do so.

But it won’t stop the rumors and none of it matters to those who didn’t want airstrikes in Syria even if it meant that children actually died at the hands of Assad.

Many will be quick to point out that the chemical weapons attack in Syria never happened or if it did occur, then it was Al Qaeda and ISIS who were responsible.

Others will claim it was the Syrian volunteer group called the White Helmets who work in search and rescue in war torn rebel-held areas of Syria who are spewing fake propaganda for the terrorists. White Helmets, we’re told, are pushing the agenda that Syria gassed its own people when in fact it was really terrorists.

Or they will call out Seb Gorka, former Deputy Assistant to the President who defended the airstrikes and clashed with Laura Ingraham of Fox News for not showing enough support for Trump, as having sold out to the “deep state” himself.

Finally, some have decried that Trump himself has been bought off by the “deep state” and they ordered him to attack Syria because his family and his businesses would be in danger otherwise.

It’s all too confusing at times with a multitude of theories!


Many are not sure what is happening and why.

No wonder. Hysteria, has taken over it seems.

Here’s what I am choosing to do.

I heard a pastor this past Sunday say something similar to the following:

When you are no longer able to tell what’s true then turn back your focus on what you know to be true and that is GOD!

There’s never been a truer statement.

I choose to put my faith in Jesus and what is written in His Word.

I’m not burying my head in the sand but rather I’m choosing not to believe or follow all of the hype.

God is still on the throne. God is still in control.

At the end of the day, when all the rhetoric has cleared, when all of the egotistical power play moves of a former FBI Director, obsessed with theatrics, has come and gone, there will be more rants from those like Alex Jones and others who believe the sky is falling.

The sky “is” falling unless you have been given the script and are watching it play out right before our very eyes.

Those with a front row seat, will continue to believe!

They will also continue to pray for the President, his administration and for God’s hand to be on everything that Trump does.

Additionally they will pray for each other and for God to continue to bless the United States of America.

Prayer not hype and hysteria is the answer!

And remember Believers, keep looking up because our redemption draws nigh.



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