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Obama’s Unconstitutional DACA Policy is Rescinded, Left Blames President Trump

What happens when you begin enforcing the law and return to lawfulness instead of continuing in lawlessness? You cause the liberal Left to lose their minds, of course.

That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA would be rescinded.

The liberals wasted no time in blaming President Donald Trump for the “cruelty” Dreamers will now endure.

Instead of placing blame where it is rightfully due, on former President Barack Obama, those on the Left bypassed the obvious and assigned responsibility to Trump who by his actions, terminated a “policy” that was never legal in the first place.

Obama had no authority under the Executive branch to make law. Only Congress can enact legislation. He also didn’t have a right to usurp Immigration Law which is what he attempted to do by signing his unconstitutional Executive Order.

Within minutes of the conclusion of Sessions’ press conference, many on the Left took to the streets in New York headed for Trump Tower, abandoned middle school classes in Colorado to protest and walked down sidewalks of Phoenix, Arizona all to protest a loss of “rights” they never legally had?

Little will change for Dreamers unless Congress fails to act within the six month period that Trump has given them. And it should be remembered by Dreamers and others on the Left that Trump could have terminated Obama’s illegal Executive Order today but he didn’t.

However, almost immediately, false rumors began spreading that Dreamers would be deported.

As the Trump administration previously indicated, illegal immigrants who have broken the law will be deported. Others are not being deported nor was there any mention of deporting Dreamers now or in the future either by Sessions or Trump.

It’s obvious to everyone except those on the Left who want to “scare” their base that Trump will not be deporting DACA “children” nor their parents who haven’t committed crimes.

Social media also was abuzz.

The false narrative that Trump was at fault for Obama’s unconstitutional act and that Trump would be “kicking out” Dreamers was everywhere. The truth didn’t seem to matter.

Former President Obama condemned Trump’s actions and took no responsibility for his own illegal actions pertaining to DACA.

Obama posted the following on Facebook:

To target these young people is wrong — because they have done nothing wrong.”

In not wanting to wait for Congress to act but taking matters into his own hands instead, Obama let Dreamers down.

However, don’t worry. The Left will never blame Obama for any lawless act.

Jerry Rengel tweeted:

The fact that Trump claims to support veterans, but is about to kick out #Dreamers who serve, is 100% proof he is in fact a racist.”

Of course, like many arguments from the Left, the rationale is missing.

Democratic Gov.Terry McAuliffe of Virginia who apparently doesn’t understand the law also tweeted.

@realDonaldTrump: an attack on our Dreamers is an attack on the fabric of our nation. It makes us less safe and hurts our economy.”

I wonder if he realizes the “fabric of our nation” is the U.S. Constitution that established the “legal” laws of our country for the protection of ALL AMERICANS?

It’s clear that the Left wanted Trump to continue to allow an unconstitutional law to be the “law of the land.”

What they seem to fail to come to grips with is that neither Obama nor Trump have the constitutional power to enact laws. It is up to Congress to do so.

Congress should have acted sooner to ensure Obama’s Executive Order was nullified. It didn’t.


Because Democrats wanted their potential voter base to remain and some of their constituents wanted to continue receiving federal funding for those illegally in the country.

Now it’s up to Congress to see if they can pull it together and get something done that the President will sign.






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  1. Great job Mr. President Trump! Pleae continue to keep your promises to MAGA!

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