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Democrats Suffer from #SelectiveVictimEmpathy when it Comes to Supporting Victims

#SelectiveVictimEmpathy is a new phrase that I recently coined. It describes what Democrats feel toward those victims they choose to support.

Whether you believe Dr. Christine Ford’s testimony that Judge Brett Kavanaugh “groped her” and was going to “rape” her, it is clear by now that the Left doesn’t care that there is ZERO evidence to date that supports her claim.

The Left believes that Kavanaugh is “guilty” until he proves that he is innocent. And, if “sexual assault” is involved, even proof that nothing happened means nothing to the Left.

That being said, as a licensed psychotherapist who is familiar with victims of sexual assault, even those who have reached out to me after Ford’s hearing to recount their own trauma caused by sexual assault, the one aspect that stands out in the minds of the majority of these victims/survivors is that “every last detail of what happened” is permanently etched in their memory.

Those details can include the time of day, the year, the room in which it happened, the smells associated with the trauma, the sounds heard during the assault, the pain they felt, what they saw and much more.

Therefore, while I don’t believe that Kavanaugh was Ford’s accuser (due to NO evidence to support her claim, no one remembers her telling them about the event, no police report ever filed, the length of 35 years since the alleged event and her inability to remember the location of the house, the year, and other important facts) I am still empathetic to the possibility that she may have suffered some type of trauma at some point in her life.

However, without an investigation into possible childhood trauma, records from therapists, other trauma she may suffered, possible drug and alcohol usage, etc. there is no ability to access her veracity which once again improperly shifts the “burden” to Kavanaugh to prove that he is innocent.

While the Left has been supportive of Ford, their #SelectiveVictimEmpathy has prevented them from supporting other victims who allege they have been sexually assaulted.

On Sunday, Kelly Anne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, came forward to say that she had been a victim of sexual assault.

Conway said:

“I feel very empathetic, frankly, for victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment and rape. I’m a victim of sexual assault.

Conway added: “I don’t expect Judge Kavanaugh or Jake Tapper or Jeff Flake to be held responsible for that. You have to be responsible for your own conduct.”

Conway’s statement immediately drew the ire of women and men on the Left, who seemingly forgot that she is a “victim” of sexual assault.

Lesley Abravanel insulted Conway by saying she wasn’t human.

“You can’t be both human and work for . It’s biologically impossible.

Because we all know that sexual assault victims should not be supported if they work for someone you don’t like, right? #smh

Charles Adler thinks that Conway lied about her abuse because she works for Trump?

He referred to Conway, a victim, as nothing more than a “hired gun.”

“Same people who say is a liar are trusting the words of & his lying hired guns & Sportsfan democracy. My team is always right. Your team is always wrong. Both political parties make a killing off

Next, Emily C. Singer misquoted Conway who was referring to personal responsibility of the victim and then proceeded to set Conway, a victim of sexual assault straight on who is to blame for sexual assault and how Conway should feel about it.

“Kellyanne Conway says she’s a victim of sexual assault, and then in the same breath says victims are to blame for their assaults? No, Kellyanne, victims are not to blame. Assaulters are.”

Imagine for one moment what the repercussions would be if these same individuals had berated Ford in the same way, blaming her because they don’t like her employer and any opinion Ford may have given about sexual assault.

Clearly, the Left will turn their backs on Kelly Anne Conway, Karen Monahan, alleged victim of physical abuse by Rep. Keith Ellison who claims to have proof to back up her claims and scores of other women like Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey who have never gotten the empathy from the Left following their accusations that former President Bill Clinton violated them.

Where is Alyssa Milano from #MeToo?

Where are Senators Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Cory Booker (D-NJ) (who has admitted to groping the breast of a female without her consent when he was 15) and why haven’t they come to the rescue of these women?

While the Left suffers from #SelectiveVictimEmpathy the reason is obvious why the victims like Conway and others are not supported by the Left.

Unless the victim can further the Left’s agenda there is no need for them to “waste their time” on them.

If of no use to the Left, then the victims are immediately dismissed and belittled.


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