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Democrats Turn Their ‘Witch Hunt’ to VA Secretary Nominee Jackson?

ronny jacksonLet’s face it. The mainstream media and the Left in general have been chomping at the bit to find something they could sink their teeth into when it comes to Rear Admiral and White House physician Ronny Jackson.

Ever since Jackson failed to give the mainstream media what they wanted, namely an “unsatisfactory” physical and (especially) mental examination report on President Donald Trump, Jackson seemingly has fallen out of favor with them.

Given the opportunity, the Left has jumped at the opportunity to “cast a wide smear campaign net” against Jackson following his nomination for the top position as Secretary of the VA.

On Wednesday, The Washington Post, published a two-page “Ronny Jackson: Summary of Allegations” from “The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee minority staff” detailing allegations against VA secretary nominee Jackson.

Absent, as is typical with mainstream media, are the names of any of its sources.

However, here are the names of the members who sit on that Committee:

  • Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut, Ranking Member (D)
  • Patty Murray, Washington (D)
  • Sherrod Brown, Ohio (D)
  • Jon Tester, Montana (D)
  • Bernie Sanders, Vermont (I)
  • Mazie Hirono, Hawaii (D)
  • Joe Manchin, West Virginia (D)

Notice a pattern?

A question that the media should be asking is why has no one ever stepped forward until now to question Jackson’s abilities?

After all, he’s served as the personal White House physician to three Presidents!

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Wednesday during a press briefing that Jackson has served three Presidents and was vetted a total of four times.

Sanders further indicated that Jackson was investigated during the vetting process by the FBI, once by the Trump administration and presumably the other two times were by the Obama and George W. Bush administrations.

Either the vetting system we’ve been using all of these years, including the one conducted by the FBI are ineffective or shams or we may possibly have another “witch hunt” on our hands.

I’m guessing the latter is a real possibility.

Not surprisingly, Democrats are all too happy to take to the airwaves about Jackson as quickly as possible.

Democratic Senator Jon Tester who is one of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee members (see above) told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Jackson “was known for handing out prescriptions “like candy,” adding that “in the White House they call him the candy man.”

Does that mean Jackson handed out pills to the Obama administration without anyone coming forward to report this conduct as a “candy man”?

In a 2016 evaluation, Obama wrote the following about Jackson:

“Ronny’s positive impact cannot be overstated. He is a tremendous asset to the entire White House team.”

Nothing in the evaluation even hints at the fact that Jackson may have acted inappropriately in his capacity as Obama’s White House physician.

Democrats also recently reported that Jackson allegedly wrecked a car while driving “drunk.”

Democrats claim that current and former colleagues have apparently “told congressional staffers that there were multiple incidents of drunkenness on duty.”

They also claim Jackson “got drunk at a Secret Service going-away party and wrecked a government car.”

Jackson’s response to the allegations were as follows:

“Did not wreck a car. Should be pretty … pretty easy to prove that.

He added that he “doesn’t know where these allegations are coming from.”

And said he’s looking forward to “answering everybody’s questions.”

The Committee postponed Jackson’s confirmation hearings indefinitely citing a need for more time to investigate complaints made by current and former employees.

Perhaps they should have waited until all of the information was gathered before publicly releasing allegations?

Congress will recess on Friday for a week (Do These people ever work?) so the soonest that Jackson’s hearing could be held is at least 10 days away.

Democrats recently voted unanimously against Trump’s current nominee for Secretary of State, CIA Director Mike Pompeo during a recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting. Pompeo is moving forward, nonetheless with a positive vote, thanks to a last minute gesture by Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) who voted “present” at the request of the Chairman so that the nomination could move forward.

Apparently, this time, Democrats have decided to oppose Jackson publicly instead of waiting for an official Committee hearing.

Don’t hold your breath this time for a Democrat to do the right thing.

It appears that Democrats will keep bombarding the public with anti-Jackson allegations until time to convene his hearing.


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2 Comments on Democrats Turn Their ‘Witch Hunt’ to VA Secretary Nominee Jackson?

  1. It’s a shame and a sham what the dumb-o-crats are doing to Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson. Not one shred of evidence to their allegations has been presented. This is nothing but a smear campaign against a Trump nominee. Shame on you, dumb-o-crats, for what you’re doing to a man’s reputation. One day, you will pay.

  2. Richard B Silbert // 27 April, 2018 at 11:31 pm //

    Dr. Jackson is unqualified to be head of the VA. He cannot keep the President healthy.

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