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Dems Try to Fool Moderates By Hiding Their Left-wing Extremism

In many instances, the Democratic Party has gone so far Left that moderate Democrats are distancing themselves from the extremists in their Party. However, the problem is that moderates can never get far enough away from the existing far-left core of the Democratic Party.

In an attempt to keep moderates, Democrats are running “moderate” Democrats (do they still exist) with the hope that they will appeal to center-right Democratic voters.

In Kentucky, for instance, Democrats are running veterans like Retired Lt. Col. Amy McGrath and former Tennessee Titans linebacker Colin Allred.

Both candidates have been staying close to the middle in their campaign speeches and promises while avoiding extreme positions.

But there’s just one problem. Moderate candidates are being controlled by the far-left.

While these candidates may look and talk like “moderates” and “centrists”, they are being controlled, at least as far as their fundraising is concerned, by a far-left-wing activist and motivational speaker, Laura Gassner Otting.

As is the case with most if not all far-left progressives, there is a Clinton connection.

Before she became a motivational speaker, Otting was a political appointee under former President Bill Clinton.

And, as if that weren’t enough to convince you of her far-left wing status, Otting has also provided us with a “treasure trove” of her past political “pearls of wisdom.”

In August 2017, because Otting is a Trump-hating Democrat, she had these lovely comments to make on social media about President Donald Trump:

“F$ck the patriarchy.

F$ck the white males standing by in silence.

F$ck the bible voters who looked way and believed the worst rumors against her (referring to Hillary Clinton) instead of facing up to the worst facts about him (referring to Donald Trump).

F$ck those who think they are being replaced because they have to, for the first time in their privileged lives, compete with people who spend their days being twice, thrice and four times as good to still just get table scraps.

And, f&ck those who didn’t vote, stayed out of the fray, considered themselves non-political, or couldn’t bring themselves to vote “for the lesser of two evils.””

Short translation. F&ck you!

In addition to hating Trump, she seems to hate men, in general.

The day after Trump won in 2016, Otting posted on social media the following in pertinent part:

“So, America wants major change? But, also overwhelmingly sent every ineffective male Republican incumbent back to the House and Senate? Don’t tell me this isn’t about misogyny.

Side note: Who knew that America was even more sexist than it was racist? And jeez, is it racist.”

And, not only does she hate Trump, men and bible voters (Christians) but she hates the National Rifle Association as well. No surprise there.

But as she holds fundraisers for Allred and McGrath, there is not a hint of a lingering “hate-filled” rhetoric because “it’s not good for the business of politics”, that is, if you are trying to lure moderate Democrats back to the Party.

As Democrats continue to #walkaway from their unrecognizable progressive left-wing Party, how many more Democratic moderates would #walkaway or even runaway from their Party, if they knew they were being deceived?

Hopefully, moderates will quickly learn that the unhinged, far-left are always close by even if they are trying to “hide” their true identity and agenda.

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1 Comment on Dems Try to Fool Moderates By Hiding Their Left-wing Extremism

  1. Barbara Tillman // 9 October, 2018 at 7:22 am //

    We must decide now and understand there are no more moderate Democrats. When they get to Congress they all go with the party. The Demons stick together not like our Flakey party . We try to look at both sides those days are gone.

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