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Disney World Needs to be “Fired” for its Hall of Presidents’ Trump Figure

Disney World unveiled its Hall of Presidents display and at first glance there’s something terribly wrong with the President Donald Trump animatronic figure.

Tuesday, marked the grand reopening of the Hall of Presidents exhibit at the Magic Kingdom Park after a year long transformation.

The organization boasts that the amazing theatrical production was envisioned by Walt Disney himself in showing honor to our country by honoring the presidents of this great nation.

Something tells me that Walt wouldn’t be too happy over how the latest addition of a Trump figure turned out.

It didn’t take very long before people on social media began to notice that the animatronic Trump look alike really didn’t look much like him at all.

In fact, one person on Twitter seemingly nailed the cause of the problem immediately by implying that the Trump figure looked more like Hillary Clinton than Trump.

I absolutely agree!

Finn tweeted: “I’ll just leave this here… #HallOfPresidents”.

He then compared photos of Trump and Hillary, side by side, with both front and side views.

I have nothing to support my theory but I’d bet Space Mountain that the Disney imagineer who created the figure was counting on Hillary to win the presidential election.

I believe he or she began developing the Hillary figure before the election and when Hillary didn’t win, a quick last minute adjustment was made by replacing Hillary’s pant suit with an ill fitting suit Trump would never wear.

The only thing done to the “Hillary” hairstyle was a quick comb back on both sides.

It’s the worst likeness of Trump that I’ve ever seen and quite frankly nothing else seems to adequately explain how it happened better than the Hillary theory.

Others on social media shared their thoughts about the “debacle” as well.

Tomas Heart tweeted: “Who put Pat Sajak in the microwave? #HallOfPresidents”

Good question!

Others simply blamed Disney for shoddy work:

The Columbia Bugle wrote: #HallOfPresidents: Disney has some pretty salty Imagineers. The guy is literally on every newspaper and news channel every day, with a billion pictures online, and this is the best they could do? They really need to try again. And don’t use the Hillary one this time!

All I can say is, let’s hope Trump doesn’t pay a visit to Disney World this summer to see his animatronic likeness.

If he does, don’t be surprised if the people at Disney have to equip the talking presidential figure with a new phrase, namely “You’re Fired!”

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2 Comments on Disney World Needs to be “Fired” for its Hall of Presidents’ Trump Figure

  1. GOOD GRIEF, that’s terrible! LOL

  2. This is a HORRIBLE attempt at a likeness of PRESIDENT TRUMP. The ‘Imagineer’ in charge of this project must have been using ______while working on this project! Back to the design lab, folks I hope NO ONE goes to this exhibit. There are a ton of photographs available of President Trump. USE THEM for your research instead of trying to fulfill your tiresome desire for a HRC presidency.

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