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DNC Leader Tom Perez Denies Knowledge of Amount Paid Fusion GPS

On Tuesday, Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee came up with the best excuse possible for attempting to “dig up dirt” on then presidential nominee Donald Trump while claiming he doesn’t know how much it cost the committee.

First, Perez made it sound as though not hiring Fusion GPS or some other organization to gather information on an opponent would have been “negligent.”

Perez said:

“Opposition research is not simply something that ought be done, it would be malpractice not to do it.”

If true, are we then to assume that every past DNC chair has ordered opposition research on every presidential opponent and the same will be done in the future?

Perez however, was quick to remind reporters that he was not the chair when the Clinton presidential campaign, theDNC and Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) allegedly paid to uncover information they could use against President Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

Perez said:

“As you know I wasn’t working at the DNC the time of this contract.”

Perez was also tight-lipped about the amount of money the DNC paid for the information.

Perez told reporters:

 “I don’t know how much of the opposition research was Fusion opposition research. I have not desegregated that amount.”

If failing to conduct opposition research is “malpractice” then wouldn’t a failure to order an internal audit into the amount the DNC paid for the information also be considered “malpractice”?

Also, isn’t an audit warranted especially after the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) accusing the DNC and the Clinton campaign committee of breaking campaign finance law?

The CLC lawsuit claims neither accurately disclosed the money they spent on the research.

Apparently, the definition of “malpractice” can be changed to suit the narrative.

However, Perez seemed to be more than willing to talk about the connection between Russians and Trump.

Perez indicated:

“We know that we were hacked by the Russians at the DNC. We now know from yesterday that Trump and the Russians were in  regular contact. They weren’t getting together to trade vodka recipes. They were getting together to affect the outcome of the race in 2016.”

Perez added referring to Trump:

Trump “has a very shady relationship with Russian authorities. What we know from the research, the Trump campaign and the Russians were talking to each other.”

It appears that Perez knows “everything” except the amount of money that was paid for the salacious dossier.

Perez will eventually need to “desegregate” the information that he is currently unwilling to give reporters since the FEC will require facts to be submitted as the case progresses.

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