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Doctor Says Trump in ‘Excellent Health’. MSM May Need a ‘Checkup’

It was a sad and embarrassing day on Tuesday to witness Dr. Ronny Jackson, from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, discussing the results of President Donald Trump’s physical and mental health exam during a White House press briefing.

Why sad and embarrassing? Was it something Jackson said?

Absolutely not!

Jackson spent a full hour of his time answering every conceivable question that the White House Press Corps could throw at him regarding the President’s health.

Jackson left no stone unturned.

The public now knows Trump’s weight, heart rate, blood pressure, results of cognitive tests, the fact that he doesn’t exercise, that his cholesterol requires him to take a low dosage of medication.

They also know that he plans to lose 10 to 15 lbs. this year, that he has never smoked or consumed alcohol, that he sleeps approximately 4-5 hours per night and can outlast practically everyone on his staff even when they are ready to call it a day.

Jackson said overall that Trump’s health is “EXCELLENT.”

He also stated that there was no medical justification to conduct a cognitive test but that Trump wanted it.

While Jackson didn’t give specifics as to why Trump asked for the test to be given, it’s common knowledge that mainstream media and others, many of whom have never met Trump, have insisted that Trump is either unstable or suffering from early stages of dementia.

Now to the embarrassing part. The desperate White House Press Corps. They are the ones that could use a “check up”.

Despite being assured for the entire hour that Trump couldn’t be in better health, the press kept digging to find anything (and I mean anything) to give the impression that Trump was unstable, suffering from dementia, unfit to be President, a candidate for Amendment 25 or overall in poor health.

The Left-leaning media was no better after the briefing.

Following the briefing, the first headline that popped up from the Left was not about Trump’s great health results and that he is fit to be president “now and for the next four years after that should he be re-elected,” according to Jackson but rather “The New York Daily News” headline read:

“President Trump is overweight, doesn’t exercise or eat well, physical exam reveals”

Those on Twitter weighed in on the questions asked by the “Leftstream” media during the briefing.

USA OVER PARTY tweeted: “HILLARY COLLAPSED ON CAMERA & HAD DAILY COUGHING FITS The corrupt media could care less Today they’re asking “Dr. Ronny Jackson” about the Presidents prostrate & how often he washes his hands

Patrick Hussion wrote: “Pres. Trump’s doctor says he scored 30/30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment… a screening test for dementia and Alzheimer’s. “I have no concerns about his cognitive ability,” Dr. Ronny Jackson said of the president.

And the best response to the questions about Trump’s health came from the good doctor himself.

When asked by the media how Trump could be in such good health after he “eats McDonald’s,” Jackson replied:

He has incredibly good genes, and it’s just the way God made him.”

Ohhh, I bet that hurt the mainstream media the most to hear 🙂

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