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Donald Trump’s Campaign Isn’t Close To Derailing Ahead Of Iowa

Over the past several months, I’ve listened as many on the right have tried to figure out why Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been successful so far in his bid to become the next GOP nominee for president.

Levin, MarkRecently, I’ve heard conservative talk show host Mark Levin and TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck openly question Trump’s sincerity as a candidate and whether he would truly represent the values of conservative Americans.

Trump’s previous pro-abortion stance, his support of single payer healthcare at least in the past and his past acquaintances and financial support of progressive Democrats like Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), are just a few of his contributions that have been scrutinized. Although, he also donated to Republicans from 1989 to 2014.

Those same outspoken conservatives have also pondered, often in disbelief, why those calling themselves Tea Party conservatives would throw their support behind a man who has in the past proven to have progressive leanings.

Ann Coulter, who describes herself on her Facebook page as an American conservative social and political commentator among other prominent titles is clearly “all in” for Trump. Read More…

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