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Greetings everyone.PLEASE NOTE YOUR DONATION IS NOT A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION as we are not a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is a gift.

Bill and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you who tune in every Tuesday to listen to God’s Views on Political News. We are grateful for your participation and support of our efforts to look beyond the headlines and discern what God is saying to His people in these perilous times. Without your involvement, this program would be pointless and, quite frankly, a bit depressing at times. It’s your thought-provoking comments and kind encouragement that provoke us to continue doing this program each week.


With that thought in mind, Bill and I have discussed how we might be able to improve and, possibly, expand the program in order to reach more people. We are convinced that, like you, people are desirous to make sense of all the turbulent news erupting in the world on a daily basis. We feel our program presents a truthful representation of current events and, more importantly, demonstrates how the Word of God speaks to and through the news that breaks each day.


We realize that if this program is to succeed and reach more people, God must bless it with favor and provision. We also realize that in order to secure His favor, we must exemplify His standards and character in everything we do – on the program and in our daily lives. When it comes to provision, God most often uses people to provide the means in order to advance a work that has His blessing upon it. Therefore, if it is His will that we improve and expand GVOPN (we firmly believe it is), we will need your support at a different level.


Our long-term goals for the program are lofty but, unfortunately, our budget is not. In the immediate future we would like to purchase some much-needed software that would allow us to be present on other platforms that have a greater reach than the one we are presently on. In addition to the software, there is a need for camera and lighting upgrades and, eventually, real-time graphics and small set design.


Understanding that times are uncertain and everyone has needs, we do not make this petition flippantly; much time, prayer and conversation has brought us to this point. Both of us believe that the content of our program, coupled with a quality presentation, puts GVOPN in a position to be noticed by programmers who might be inclined to add it to their programming.


If this resonates with you and you feel this program should be heard by countless others, then Bill and I invite you to help us with this effort. Prayerfully consider helping us to obtain the tools we need to improve this program that more may hear the Word of God while listening to the news of the day. Contact us and let us know if you are interested in participating, financially, in this effort. Once we hear from you, we’ll let you know just how to lend your support. And if your situation doesn’t allow for you to assist us financially, more than your dollars, we desire your prayers. All things can be done through prayer, commitment and faithfulness.

God bless and thank you!



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  1. Where is the PHONE # to contact someone at this website, such as SUSAN ??

  2. Hi Edwin:

    Please drop me an email at I’ll read it.


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