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Don’t Look Now But Your Kellogg’s Cereal Box Could Be ‘Racist’?

(Buckle up for snarky Friday!)

Just when you think threats from North Korea, possible corruption in the Uranium One deal and where ISIS might strike next should take priority, along comes information that my Kellogg’s cereal box might be “racist”?

I’ve been focused on the wrong things? Who knew?

Thank goodness one astute writer of Marvel Comics’ Black Bolt series and author of 2012 fantasy novel Throne of the Crescent Moon, Saladin Ahmed, was around to “save the day!”

He’s a modern day “hero” just like the cartoon character Mighty Mouse who was always singing “Here I come to save the day” before he rescued someone in distress.

It appears, according to Ahmed and others who agree with him, that Kellogg’s, the Battle Creek, Michigan-based cereal and snack maker, created a design for their “Corn Pops” cereal box that was just a little too racist. Especially, when no “safe zone” appeared to be closeby.

Ahmed noticed in the “cartoon characters shaped like corn kernels populating a shopping mall” on the cereal box that something was askew.

While all the corn pop characters were “shopping, playing in an arcade or frolicked in a fountain” or were seen on “skateboards”going “down an escalator”, there was a lone “single brown corn pop” who was “working as a janitor operating a floor waxer.”

Who knew corn pops could wax floors? I’m impressed but I digress.

Ahmed immediately took fingers, to keyboard and tweeted:

“hey @KelloggsUS why is literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor? this is teaching kids racism.”

Say it isn’t so, Kellogg’s!

But wait a minute, now!

If you look closer, you will notice that the corn pops all look the same color (except the one operating the waxer. Who does that corn pop think he is?), they aren’t wearing clothes and they don’t have hair.

What in the world is that teaching kids when there is no diversity and corn pops are allowed to run around on cereal boxes naked with no hair? I’m aghast!

In addition, I see two men on the box who look identical and they are also dressed the same.

What is the message? Only identical “male” twins are worthy? What about identical “female” twins? Kellogg’s cereal is teaching children that sexism is okay too, right?

All this time, I just thought it was corn pops on a cereal box.

I didn’t know they had real human attributes that sent kids messages other than get your parents to “buy me” because “I taste good.”

Others on Twitter also understood the “seriousness” of the issue and wanted to reach out to Ahmed or Kellogg’s:

Matthew Doyle, pointing out Kellogg’s liberal agenda, said: “Hey, leave alone. They champion diversity, ask Soros. They’re all in bed together.”

NotFortheWeak asked: “@KelloggsUS why are the Rice Krispy dudes 3 white guys, my kid is literally losing her effing mind right now…”

James Watson pointed out: “This is worse…” (referring to a picture of a white child with a noose around his neck in a music video by Rapper XXXTentacion)

(Watson’s tweet actually involved “people” and not cereal.)

Then there were some who just couldn’t understand how Kellogg’s could have done such a horrible thing:

Elizabeth Morrison, who calls herself “@DiversityBoss” tweeted: “Come ON @KelloggUS just do better!”

Thankfully, Kellogg’s came to their senses and have pledged to change their box design.

I’m hoping when they make a new box cover that they will also get rid of the “sexist” name for their cereal, “Corn Pops”!

Perhaps it’s time for “Corn Moms” cereal. (#smh)

What do you say, Kellogg’s?

P.S. Also, would you please stop using the derogatory name “Corn Flakes” for your other cereal. Calling “someone” a “flake” is nothing more than name calling.



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