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Even Comey Should Have Been Able to Spot the Irony in His Tweet

ComeyWhile it’s a new year, there are some things that will never change. That’s especially true, when we’re talking about the Left, their agenda and how many on the Left never get enough of hearing their own lies. Former FBI Director James Comey fits into that category.

Comey decided to tweet his New Year’s Eve hopes and dreams and was immediately hammered by conservatives on social media for having the audacity to write such an ironic statement.

Comey tweeted:

Sadly, Comey as the former director of the FBI, wouldn’t know what “ethical” leadership looked like if it bit him in the derriere.

Under his leadership, Comey deemed Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and how she handled classified and sensitive information as “extremely careless and claimed that she had no “intent” to violate the law (which is not a requirement under the statute). He then concluded that Hillary wouldn’t be prosecuted when as FBI Director, it wasn’t his decision to make.

In addition, Comey had a private conversation with the President of the United States then proceeded to divulge this information to his “professor friend“and asked the professor to leak in the information to the public to bring about the appointment of a special counsel.

Some on social media were more than happy to point out contradictions to Comey’s statement:

Jacob Wohl, CEO of Montgomery Assets, responded to Comey’s tweet by saying:

“You are a proud member of the Clinton Crime Family. You worked night and day to corrupt the FBI”

Mike believes Comey’s statement reveals his bias and astutely frames the issues in a series of pertinent tweets.

“Who didn’t find evidence that Hillary Clinton, and colleagues “INTENDED” to violate laws? The FBI? Or the third party reports from Platte River Networks? How many times do you say “matter” in this clip? I lost count.”

“Loretta Lynch specifically asked you, James Comey, to call the Hillary Clinton “investigation” a “matter”. The best part is you played along. If in fact it was an investigation, aren’t you, yourself, obstructing justice?”

“Mr Burr wants to talk about “forensics” The FBI had no access to the following: 1) Hillary Clinton server / devices 2) DNC devices 3) Podesta devices The FBI relied on the third party reports from Platte River Networks. How is their “forensics” credible?”

“Here is James Comey discussing why it wasn’t “gross negligence” and the wording was changed to “extremely careless” Ironic that the text messages from Peter Strzok indicate the wording changes being discussed here.”

“Finally here is Loretta Lynch making a disturbing statement.

What was this message, James?

As I said in the beginning of this article, while it’s a new year there are just some things that will never change.

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