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Fake News Awards Postponed, More Anticipated Than the Golden Globes

Anticipation was almost at fever pitch for Monday’s Fake News awards when President Donald Trump on Sunday postponed the event until Wednesday, January 17.

While the liberal mainstream media would have the public believe that the Fake News awards mean nothing to them, a reporter last week signaled there is interest when she wanted to make sure that the “Press Corps” would be invited to the Fake News Awards” and sought assurance from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

So, why are we having to wait?

Trump tweeted that the event was postponed because “interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated!”

Trump said:

Social Media reacted swiftly to news of the delay.

Michael Knowles, #1 international bestselling author of a mostly blank book predicts great things for the awards when they finally happen.

Knowles tweeted: “Prediction: The Fake News Awards will get at least an order of magnitude higher ratings than the

No doubt the Fake News awards will get higher ratings than the Golden Globes even though we will have to wait an additional week before the “winner” is announced.

Others on Twitter were biding their time by making memes portraying potential “nominees” for the awards.

Crest Hillbilly wrote, “We can’t wait for the fake news awards.”

But some on the Left like Keith Olbermann weren’t willing to wait until next Wednesday to take the first strike.

No doubt fearing that he may be in the running to receive an award, he decided to come out “fighting.”

Keith Olbermann tweeted, “You’re giving all those Fake News Awards to yourself, aren’t you, Stable Genius ?’

Oh, Keith, I bet that stung. LOL

Regardless of who does or doesn’t receive an award, one thing is for sure, the Fake News awards has everyone talking!


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