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How will the America that we once knew survive under the new Regime’s control? It will take the courage and conviction of one person, a freedom fighter, along with many like-minded individuals to stop the Regime’s continuous destruction of a once great country.

Bethany will need to reach hard into the memories of her past to provide a road map for surviving the harsh conditions brought about intentionally by the Regime to thwart a recovery.

She must have freedom from fear for she will be tested at every turn. She must fight while there is still freedom to choose how she will live her some aspects of her life in this country and she must strive for the freedom of the soul; hers and those she loves.

Her memories at times will be all that she has to give her comfort in the uncertain world she now finds herself in. Her memories will also be the cornerstone that will call into action those willing to put their lives on the line to save America in freedom’s fight! May God be with Bethany and May God Bless America!

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  1. carol stoddard // 29 March, 2014 at 5:25 pm //

    I CANNOT believe the government is involved in this girls health and welfare. Take her back to TUFTS and her PARENTS. This is outrageous. How dare they do this to a child and her family. Get me the Government, mayor, or governor’s email address and I will be happy to send an email. I am beside myself from this mistreatment.

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