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Will Trump Protect the Second Amendment While Protecting Kids?

When it comes to protecting children, the American public would certainly agree that it is their top priority to do so. However, does protecting children mean that we’ll begin to see our Second Amendment rights infringed upon by President Donald Trump and Congress?

Today, Trump met with a bipartisan group of Congress to discuss what should be done to protect children from events like the recent Florida school shooting which left 17 students and staff dead.

It’s clear that Trump wants to take action and won’t allow Congress to fail in its attempt to enact laws that he believes will keep children safe.

Trump was quick to add during his round table discussion that he will be signing an executive order that will prohibit the sale of bump stocks without waiting for the Legislature to act.

However, Trump wasn’t alone in wanting a “fix” to end school shootings.

Democrats were also in rare form during the meeting.

Many of them praised Trump for his leadership (When have you ever heard them do that?) and tried to convince him that he would be able to persuade Republicans in Congress to raise the age of purchase of AR-15s to 21, if he would simply back their proposal.

Trump mentioned that he favored such an age restriction when it came to the AR-15, a move that some believe may be unconstitutional because it discriminates against law abiding 18-20 year old adults who are not a threat to self or others.

However, Trump seemed unwavering in his position on increasing the age requirement.

In addition, Trump spoke about the need to prevent guns from getting into the hands of the mentally ill.

He was reminded by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) that there would need to be a careful consideration in this area so as not to broadly exclude everyone with a mental illness from purchasing a firearm.

As Grassley correctly pointed out, there are many people with various mental health issues who are not a threat to self or others and shouldn’t be stopped from legally purchasing a firearm.

According to Fox News, the White House plans to roll out specific policy proposals on Thursday aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.

These policies, according to sources, will including raising the minimum age to purchase long guns to 21 and Trump will push for training and arming of certain members of school faculty and staff.

Trump’s comments about age restrictions and mental illness has many Second Amendment advocates on edge. They are hoping that Trump is merely attempting to bring various issues to the table so that negotiations can begin without impacting their rights.

Trump also said during the meeting that he is in favor of a national data base and seemed open to considering a law similar to California’s AB-1014  which allows for family or friends to apply for a “Gun Violence Restraining Order” if they believe it’s necessary.

Under the law, a family member only has to have a “gut feeling” that the person is a threat to themselves or others in order to petition for a temporary restraining order and gun confiscation, once a judge signs off on an order.

Some retailers are not waiting to see what Congress will do and have begun taking actions into their own hands.

On Wednesday, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that it would stop selling assault-style rifles in all of its stores.

Later in the day, Wal-Mart followed suit and raised the minimum age requirement to purchase assault rifles to 21.

Wal-Mart went a step further, however, in also banning toys and items that resemble assault rifles.

Are we returning to the Obama-era “Pop-Tart” days when a kid was arrested and suspended from school when he formed the Pop-Tart into the shape of a weapon and pretended to fire it at classmates?

It appears that the Left will now put pressure on the one remaining retailer, Bass Pro Shops to stop selling its assault rifles.

Apparently, the effects of the federal government’s discussion on Wednesday has created a “snowball effect” that if left to the liberal Left, will never stop rolling until the Second Amendment has been totally infringed upon.

The next question is how far will the White House go when it comes to infringing upon your Second Amendment rights in its quest to protect children?

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