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Four Important Lessons We Should Learn from #Charlottesville

After reflecting on what happened at Charlottesville on Saturday, I believe there are four things we should learn from Charlottesville.

Number 1: Hate is alive and well in America. I watched for eight years as the previous administration stood by and allowed this country to be divided often by promoting a social justice narrative that convinced African-Americans they should be angry.

Whether by inviting a group like Black Lives Matter to the White House, watching silently as streets were set on fire during ‘riots’ reminiscent of the Civil Rights era or tolerating ‘white privilege’ rhetoric, the Obama administration saw an undercurrent of anger and encouraged its progress.

While some may disagree, the Obama administration used techniques that have been utilized for generations to create racial divide to further a progressive agenda.

Many groups came together in Charlottesville on Saturday but the one thing most of them had in common is hate. Hatred toward blacks, hatred toward whites, hatred toward the human race seemed to be the order of the day. You could see it in the eyes of those who fought against their ‘enemy,’ those who screamed disparaging and racially-filled words and those who became more emboldened as the day wore on unfettered by reason.

Lawfulness was replaced with lawlessness. Civility was replaced by loathing others. Humanity was replaced by savagery.

It continued on Sunday as well as across the nation as those with an agenda spread their divisive message to crowds of angry onlookers cheering them on for ‘the cause.’

Number 2: One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch. Charlottesville’s events began in a park at a legal gathering of an alt-right group who had a permit to assemble there in protest of the removal of confederate statues.

There were others who came to the event donning swastikas and shields typically associated with white supremacists who may or may not have been part of the alt-right group.


Source: Twitter

Some like Ben Shapiro describe the alt-right as a “far-right political movement that rejects conservatism and embraces white nationalism.” He further describes them as a “small faction of the right,” that is “portrayed by the mainstream media as something much larger and influential than it actually is.” He equates the alt-right to white supremacists.

Regardless of your definition, this small group of individuals was opposed by other groups who were against their message.

Additionally, it is being claimed that some groups were brought in from outside of Charlottesville to disrupt the rally.

Groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter also represent only a small portion of Democrats and those on the Left.

These liberal Left groups showed up to shut down free speech they didn’t like and were successful in doing so.

Reports indicate that the police forced the alt-right to leave instead of ordering Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups to vacate the premises.

There were many ‘bad apples’ in Charlottesville and each played their own part in destroying free speech among other things.

Number 3: The Left seized the opportunity to attack President Trump ‘again’ and nothing will change that. If it wasn’t clear before it should be very clear after Charlottesville that the Left hates Trump and always will. And it isn’t because he’s Donald Trump. It’s because he isn’t ‘them.’

Charlottesville merely gave the Left another reason to blame Trump.

Donald Trump represents what you stand for, who you are, your way of life, your conservative values and your belief that this is a great country with great people who were guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under our U.S. Constitution.

Some of you on the right may be saying, “I didn’t vote for him. He doesn’t represent me.”

Regardless of how you may feel, Trump stands between you and the elites. He represents their inability to control you as long as he is President.

They will always hate him, try to impeach him or minimize his efforts as President because if he is successful, you are successful. If America succeeds then elites will be powerless to control your climate, the food you eat, the God you worship and how your children are raised.

Wear their disdain toward our President as a badge of honor that symbolizes that you and he are making a difference and defeating elitism in America.

We believe in the power of ‘the People’ and so does Donald Trump.

And, number 4: While we are distracted, ‘Rome continues to burn.’

Source: Twitter

In general, Charlottesville was a tragedy for one young woman and two police officers who lost their lives and for those who were injured during an event that should never have been allowed to escalate the way it did.

The devastating outcome could possibly have been avoided simply by enforcing the laws of our country.

I’m not blaming the police for perceived inaction alleged by some because I don’t know if they were following orders from the mayor or governor or if they were disobeying orders.

While civil rights violations are being examined locally and by the U.S. Department of Justice, the actions of the police force, the Mayor of Charlottesville and the Governor of Virginia need to be investigated as well to determine if the police were told to stand down or if police disobeyed orders of best practices. I withhold judgment until the facts are presented.

However, a trial lawyer is reporting the following:

What is clear is that while protests continued on Sunday, other pressing news is being ignored.

Amir Tsarfati of announced the following today:

This morning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed his government and informed them that since ISIS is fading from Syria (because they are being killed) Iran is now moving into Syria and taking their place.

Iran did this in Iraq, Yemen and now they are doing it in Syria.

There are reports that Iranian soldiers are coming into Syria and setting up in military bases just like the Russians did in Syria.

The Russians are allies with Iran and are not concerned about this.

Netanyahu according to Tsarfati said that Israel will secure its borders and will not allow Iranian expansion into Syria.

Let’s also not forget about North Korea and the recent threats made by its madman and dictator, Kim Jong-Un to strike America.

Or perhaps this newly learned information coming from Paul Nehlen about GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Nehlen who has declared that he is running against Ryan in 2018 says that he has learned from congressional sources that Ryan intends to ‘defund’ the money earmarked for the border wall.

Nehlen says that Ryan will do so under the guise that Democrats will shutdown the government otherwise and so he had no choice.

Lessons learned in Charlottesville should not be forgotten nor should we ignore the bigger picture which continues to unfold.

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