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Gay Man Accuses Sen. Cory Booker of Sexually Assaulting Him in Restroom

Before the dust has even settled on the contentious U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation hearings, an anonymous gay man has stepped forward to accuse Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) of sexual assault in 2014.

There is no other choice for Sen. Booker except to immediately resign.

Let me explain why.

According to the Democrats, an alleged survivor must be believed even if no evidence exists to support their claim.

The man who came forward to allege Booker’s assault against him is a Democrat.

He alleges that Booker pulled him into a restroom and sexually assaulted him.

This should mean case closed under the Democrats’ rules. Right?

This accuser claims to have proof!

The accuser describes in detail what he claims happened and states that he has corroborating evidence to prove the event occurred.

He further claims that he reached out to an attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, who suggested that he contact those in the #MeToo movement for support. However, unfortunately, according to the survivor, they weren’t really interested in hearing about his sexual assault experience.

If we follow the “unconstitutional rules” set forth during the Kavanaugh hearings by Democrats and #MeToo movement activists like actress Alyssa Milano, Booker is presumed “guilty of sexual assault until he proves that he is innocent.”

What should happen next?

Democrats must immediately champion the following steps:

  • A public Congressional hearing should be convened that will allow the accuser and the accused to each give their side of the story. Particular attention should be paid to the demeanor of Booker throughout the hearing, to judge whether he still has the “temperament” to be a senator should he be able to prove his innocence.

You may recall when Kavanaugh showed strong human emotion due to his reputation being destroyed by someone who lacked corroborating evidence about an alleged sexual assault from 36 years prior, he was immediately accused by Democrats of not being fit to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Milano and others activists should march on Washington, D.C. demanding that Democrats thoroughly investigate the sexual assault claims. She should emphasize as she did in the Kavanaugh case, that evidence is not needed to prove Booker sexually assaulted the alleged survivor because a survivor of assault should be automatically believed.
  • Additionally, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) must tell the men in her Party to “shut up” and “stand up” for the rights of this anonymous accuser. We should expect nothing less.
  • And finally, the FBI should be enlisted to do a thorough investigation of all the facts and corroborating evidence that this accuser claims to have, including speaking with witnesses who can attest to the fact that he told others Booker assaulted him in 2014.

But let’s be clear.

One investigation will not suffice.

In fact, the FBI investigation will not be sufficient until at least eight independent investigations have been conducted.

You may remember that during the Kavanaugh FBI investigations, Democrats felt that seven FBI investigations were inadequate to render Kavanaugh “not guilty.”

The anonymous accuser claims that his life has been fraught with difficulties since the alleged attack.

He describes having lost jobs, seeking help from two therapists and even attempting suicide because of the emotional distress.

I’m sure that Democrats, ascribing to their own rules, will join me in declaring that there is no other recourse available to Booker.

He must tender his resignation immediately.



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