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#IWillNeverTrust Let’s You Know What People Are Really Thinking About!

#IWillNeverTrustOften what’s trending on social media can be a good barometer of what concerns people the most. Sunday’s hashtag #IWillNeverTrust was no exception.

Recently, many focused on a horrific photo of a female ISIS suicide bomber who was cradling her baby one minute and blowing them both up the next during an attack on Iraqi troops in Mosul.

Two tweets in response to the photo were as follows:

woman in a burqa Suicide bomber cradling BABY killing them & Iraqi troops

those who will stop at nothing to destroy our way of life using their “religion” as an excuse.”

Others remained focused on their avid distrust of the media due to its barrage of #fakenews about President Donald Trump and his administration, especially when it comes to Russia.

One of the best gifs I’ve seen is as follows:

. . . No One Can Beat Captain America”

CNN’s Jim Acosta was also mentioned as someone who could no longer be trusted. “#IWillNeverTrust anything Jim @Acosta reports.”

And this one about mainstream media drove home a point about “network news” in general.

There were also the usual TrumpHaters and DemsLoathers that seem to indicate that government may not be high up there on who to trust. “#IWillNeverTrust Democrats again!”

Donald Trump on health care or anything else.”

But despite everything, Americans never seem to lose their sense of humor no matter how bad they think things are.

Take for example the following tweets that will make even the hardest of hearts laugh out loud.

my co-workers again”

a bed post to dance on again”

a carnival ride built and run by someone like this..”


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