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Jerry Brown Tries to Ignore Federal Law and Ends Up with ICE Instead!

When you are a conservative living in a blue state like California it’s often difficult to find the “silver lining” in what the Democratic “leadership” does.

Take for example Democratic Governor Jerry Brown’s recent decision to turn California into a “sanctuary state” in direct opposition of President Donald Trump’s federal immigration policy.

As such, Brown’s “sanctuary state” law bars police from asking people about their immigration status and prohibits them from participating in federal immigration enforcement activities.

Could there really be a silver lining to such a flagrant disregard of federal immigration law?

The answer is a resounding, yes!

Enter Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan.

He’s not happy with Brown’s decision to make California a “sanctuary state.”

Homan said that he thinks what Brown did was “terrible” and puts politics in front of public safety.

Homan continued:

“If [Brown] thinks he is protecting the community, he’s doing quite the opposite. [Brown] is knowingly putting law enforcement at risk.”

It’s what Homan said next that was music to the ears of any conservative.

Homan said:

“There’s no sanctuary from law enforcement. California better hold on tight – they’re about to see a lot more deportation officers. If politicians don’t protect their communities then ICE will.”

He believes that illegal immigrant smuggling organizations will use the California law to their benefit and feels that Brown “bit off a lot more than he can chew.”

Brown may also have violated the law, according to Homan.

“Brown and other sanctuary-jurisdiction leaders may have violated 8 U.S. Code § 1324 – relating to “harboring certain aliens.”

Homan like many are hoping that the Department of Justice puts some teeth into the law and starts criminally charging mayors and governors who have violated the statute.

What’s so great is Brown is now going to get more unwanted federal intervention in his state than ever before because he dared to defy Trump and federal law by making California a “sanctuary state,” a decision that the people of California were excluded from making.

I for one am putting the “WELCOME to CALIFORNIA” mat out for ICE and inviting them in with open arms!!!

It serves Brown right! Happy New Year, Governor MoonBeam 🙂


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