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‘Joel Osteen’ Trending on Twitter, Criticized for Not Helping Houston Victims

Many took to social media on Monday to voice their contempt for the apparent decision Pastor Joel Osteen made regarding assistance for victims of Hurricane Harvey which has devastated part of Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

Osteen tweeted to those on Saturday who were in the middle of what some are calling the worst disaster in Texas history:

“Victoria & I are praying for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please join us as we pray for the safety of our Texas friends & family.”

The Bible tells us that a Pastor should be hospitable and someone who models the life of Christ.

Pastor Greg Locke reached out to Osteen to do just that:

“Joel Osteen, as a Pastor you have a huge obligation to show the love of Christ at this very moment. OPEN THE DOORS. #HoustonStrong”

Many also took to social media to ask why the megachurch had not opened its doors to those in need.

Mark Elliott tweeted:

“Houston’s Joel Osteen has a net worth over $50m and a church that holds 16,800 bu this is all he’s offering.”

Pat Fuller and Lori tweeted:

“Going to open your nice church for shelter for flood victims?”

While another person asked: “Yes, heard you have a large church. Why isn’t it being used, Joel?”

Monica.dlsm tweeted:

“You and Victoria need to helping (sic) by opening your church and providing that money that gets donated to you for those in need.”

Still others seemed to focus on those who were doing the work that Christ would have them do in the situation, regardless of what Osteen chose to do.

Capn Louie wrote:

“Meanwhile, REAL pastors are rolling their sleeves up, putting boots on, and opening the doors of their humble churches.”

On Monday, a website reached out to Osteen, telling him that “Houston needs more than your thoughts, Joel.”

The website also informed Osteen that Texans defensive end J.J. Watt raised $500,000 for victim relief and Gallery Furniture founder Jim McIngvale opened his store to be used as shelters.

Under pressure, Osteen eventually responded late Monday by taking donations online for flood victims which was immediately met with more criticism:

“Here you go folks! You wanted Joel Osteen to take action, well he did. Church stays closed but send me your money!”

Osteen’s church doors remain closed.

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