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Keith Ellison Can’t Stop Misleading Voters About His Link to Farrakan

The news keeps on getting worse for Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison. The beleaguered Congressman who is running for Attorney General in Minnesota is trying to survive physical abuse allegations from his former girlfriend. But now, he’s being hit with accusations that he lied about his ties to Louis Farrakan, the leader of the Nation of Islam.

Ellison, who is also the Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is being accused of misleading the public about his relationship with Farrakan during a Minnesota attorney general debate on Sunday.

Ellison admitted to being drawn to Farrakan due to the fact that he felt Farrakan had “something to offer” in the “early 1990s” because Farrakhan “was a person speaking to issues of African American civil rights.”

But Ellison denied supporting Farrakan when:

“He (Farrakan) made it very clear in the early 1990s that his views and mine were absolutely incompatible and I’ve been saying that ever since.”

There is only one small problem with what Ellison said.

Ellison’s own words contradict his involvement with Farrakan as being limited to the “early” 1990s.

Ellison admitted in 2006 to the Washington Post that he worked with the Nation of Islam for approximately 18 months ahead of Farrakan’s October 1995 Million Man March.

Ellison also defended Farrakan in an op-ed that he wrote in 1995, a month after the march.

His relationship with Farrakan actually continued well beyond the 1990s.

It has been reported that Ellison attended at least three meetings where Farrakan was also present.

One of the meetings was a private hotel meeting in 2015 between Ellison, Farrakan and Democratic Indiana Rep. Andre Carson.

While Farrakan and Carson have admitted the meeting occurred, Ellison has vehemently denied that it ever happened.

Someone is lying.

Ellison also failed to mention that Farrakan has a longstanding history of hate for Jews, gays and white people.

I’m sure it slipped his mind just like the YouTube video that shows Ellison attending a meeting which included Farrakan.

Johari Abdul-Malik, former director at Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center in Virginia, uploaded the YouTube video in 2013. The video itself appears to have been recorded no earlier than 2010.

Farrakan can also be seen in the video hugging Muslim American activist Mahdi Bray prior to his stroke in 2010.

But that’s not all.

Even The Washington Post knows that Ellison lied about his relationship with Farrakan.

In March WaPo gave Ellison “four Pinocchios”, the Post’s worst possible rating, reserved for “whoppers.”

Ellison received this “esteemed” honor from WaPo for claiming his ties to Farrakan ended in the 1990s.

Hopefully, voters in Minnesota now realize after Ellison’s misleading answers about his relationship with Farrakan and allegations against him from his former girlfriend, that Ellison can’t be trusted to be the state’s next attorney general.




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