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Las Vegas Police Ends Your Ability to Listen to Police Scanners

The Las Vegas Police Department has announced that it will no longer allow its residents and others to hear what the police are doing on police scanners or on websites in order to find out what may be happening in their neighborhoods.

If you want to know about the crimes that are being committed in real time in Las Vegas, you’re simply out of luck!

Like many things in Las Vegas that appear to be mysterious or shrouded in secrecy following the October 1 shooting at the Mandalay Bay, now there’s a new oddity to be added to the list?

The police have now encrypted its radio channels, making it impossible to hear or decipher their information.

Some might think this step makes since after the mass shooting last October but the Las Vegas Sun reports that Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo says the transition to encrypted communications had been in the works for two years and was not in response to the Oct. 1 mass shooting.

Although people have been able to listen to police scanners for decades, it appears that the Las Vegas police department is not alone in feeling the need to protect its officers from criminals who use information the police are giving out in order to stay one step ahead of police.

In 2011, police departments across the nation began encrypting what the general public could hear in terms of radio communications of its officers in the field.

One reason for the encryption according to police is that “cheap, user-friendly technology” makes it easy for anyone to use handheld devices, perhaps even while being pursued, to track what the police are doing.

Not only could this allow a criminal to escape arrest but it could also put police at risk.

But not everyone will be cut-off from listening to police scanners.

Las Vegas indicated that there will be one exception to their encryption rule. The media will still have access to their radio communications on scanners and websites. Mainstream media will be your only source for news unless independent media sources will also be given the same access.

There has been no definitive answer as to who qualifies as media.

Like many in Las Vegas, myself and others outside of the Las Vegas area were able to hear the entire event of October 1 live, as Las Vegas police were scrambling to figure out where bullets were coming from and how many shooters were involved.

Relying on mainstream media to deliver accurate news in today’s climate of fake news, is the last thing most people want.

Especially, when it comes to life and death situations, most people would prefer listening to police scanners and making their own decisions regarding their personal safety.

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