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Left Serves Up Another ‘Nothing Burger’ on Donald Trump, Jr., Wikileaks

#Breaking News: Donald Trump, Jr. spoke with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange in private DMs in September 2016, just prior to the 2016 Presidential election. Why is that big news? You’ll have to ask the liberal mainstream media.

In melodramatic fashion, that former FBI Director James Comey could have written, The Atlantic wrote the following:  (Drum roll please)

“Just before the stroke of midnight on September 20, 2016, at the height of last year’s presidential election, the WikiLeaks Twitter account sent a private direct message to Donald Trump Jr., the Republican nominee’s oldest son and campaign surrogate. “

A PAC run anti-Trump site is about to launch,” WikiLeaks wrote. “The PAC is a recycled pro-Iraq war PAC. We have guessed the password. It is ‘putintrump.’ See ‘About’ for who is behind it. Any comments?” (The site, which has since become a joint project with Mother Jones, was founded by Rob Glaser, a tech entrepreneur, and was funded by Progress for USA Political Action Committee.)

The next morning, about 12 hours later, Trump Jr. responded to WikiLeaks. “Off the record I don’t know who that is, but I’ll ask around,” he wrote on September 21, 2016. “Thanks.”

These are the same private messages that both The Atlantic and Trump, Jr. indicate have already been turned over to congressional investigators.

Once the ‘fanfare’ died down, Trump, Jr. released his private DM messages between himself and Wikileaks on Twitter.

Trump Jr. tweeted: “Here is the entire chain of messages with (with my whopping 3 responses) which one of the congressional committees has chosen to selectively leak. How ironic! 1/3″

Did anyone just hear the air go out of The Atlantic’s breaking story?

Many on Twitter weren’t impressed with what appeared to be another underhanded report of a ‘nothing burger’ regarding Trump, Jr. in a never ending quest to pin something, anything on President Donald Trump or a member of his family.

Media analyst Mark Dice reminded The Atlantic that no crime was committed by using social media.

Dice tweeted:

“Sorry to break up your party, Liberals, but Don Jr DMing with Assange / Wikileaks is not a crime.  It’s called….wait for it….Twitter!!!”

Others tweeted to remind liberals everywhere that there was more important news.

Infowars editor-at-large, Paul Joseph Watson tweeted: “Clinton campaign directly colludes with most of mainstream media for years, invites journalists round for dinner parties, signs off on their articles…. Meh. Don Jr. exchanges a few confused DMs with Wikileaks. FREAK OUT!”

Periscope pundit and political operative Jack Posobiec wrote: “BREAKING: Don Jr and Wikileaks deleted 33,000 emails about their secret uranium sale to Putin! O wait”

But my favorite has to be from Mike who summed it all up.

Mike Zollo tweeted: “Don Jr. did NOTHING wrong or illegal by dismissing Wikileaks that wanted him to share an article. Donald Trump Jr. is facing a baseless attack by the desperate left. This is not collusion. Liberals, if you want collusion with Russia so bad, look at Hillary Clinton. IDIOTS!”

So, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board for those on the Left.

Happy Witch hunting!


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