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Liberal Left Used Alinksy Tactics to Destroy Justice Kavanaugh but Failed

justice brett kavanaughRepublicans and conservatives alike watched over the past several weeks as the liberal Left attempted to destroy the life of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They did so by applying Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals.’ Most Americans unfamiliar with Alinksy may not have realized this was happening.

It’s important to understand the Left’s playbook because this won’t be the last time you see it.

In fact, you will begin to see these “rules” applied with greater intensity in the near future.

Pick a Target!

In today’s climate of #MeToo and the increasing hatred the Left has for men, especially white males who they see as “privileged”, Kavanaugh became the perfect “target” for the Left to attack.

Kavanaugh is the epitome of all that those on the Left hate. No doubt they hoped to use him as a uniting force in their fight to destroy the founding principles of America.

Kavanaugh is presumably pro-life, has a great legal mind and successful career that he has worked hard to attain and believes in the U.S. Constitution. (Strike three.)

Find a “survivor” and use the Right’s rule book against them!

Next, the ideal “candidate”, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of a childhood “crime” of sexual assault that was never corroborated by a single shred of evidence.

Due to political correctness and the appearance that males on the Senate Judiciary Committee could be interpreted as “re-victimizing”a survivor of sexual assault, a female was hired by the Committee to question Ford regarding her accusations.

Rachel Mitchell, a prosecutor of 25 years who has dealt specifically with sex-related cases, questioned Ford during the recent Senate Judiciary Hearing.

Mitchell best sums up Ford’s testimony and lack of any proof to substantiate her claims as paraphrased below:

  1. No consistent account of when the alleged assault occurred;
  2. Struggled to identify Kavanaugh by name after alleged assault occurred;
  3. The accuser changed her description of the incident when speaking with her husband;
  4. No memory of key details of the incident;
  5. No corroboration of the alleged assault by anyone she claims attended, not even her lifelong friend;
  6. No consistent account of the alleged assault;
  7. Inability to recall recent events relating to her allegations and her recent testimony about the incident raises more questions about her memory;
  8. Her description of the psychological impact of the event raises questions; and
  9. The activities of Congressional Democrats and the accuser’s attorneys likely effected her account

For anyone with a grasp of reality, Mitchell’s memo would have convinced them that regardless of whether you believe the accused lied, really believed she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh or was sexually assaulted at some other point in her life, the logical conclusion would be that Kavanaugh was not the person who sexually assaulted Ford.

End of case, right? Not for the Left.

Liberals pressed on with the help of Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) who supported their call for a seventh FBI investigation of Kavanaugh after he was ridiculed and cornered, both in an elevator (by paid female protesters) and by his own Democratic friend and colleague from Delaware, Sen. Chris Coons.

The Left had found its “useful idiot” in Flake who essentially took a case with ZERO supporting facts and gave it new life. And in so doing, he turned the Constitution on its head.

Instead of supporting due process afforded in a system of fairness, Flake and the Left assured that Kavanaugh would be deemed “guilty” until proven innocent by the seventh FBI interview predicated on baseless charges.

Keep up the Pressure and Isolate the Target!

Meanwhile, the protesters, many of whom were paid, continued their assault by keeping the pressure on and never letting up against senators, Kavanaugh and his family.

Some senators received death threats and threats of violence for continuing to believe Kavanaugh and the rule of law.

Kavanaugh’s family also received vile emails, death threats and false accusations were publicly asserted against Kavanaugh.

His life and those of his family were slowly being destroyed in the court of public opinion without an ounce of corroborating evidence which didn’t concern the liberal Left.

The Left continued to convict Kavanaugh despite the additional FBI report, which once again cleared his name.

The Left remained focused on making Kavanaugh suffer for what they claimed he had done.

They wouldn’t be satisfied until they finally destroyed him and furthered their agenda (destruction of American principles).

As recently as Saturday, following Kavanaugh’s private swearing in ceremony at the U.S. Supreme Court, a writer for The Colbert Show, starring Stephen Colbert, tweeted and then deleted:

Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.

The Left followed Alinksy’s rules throughout the process by picking their target, freezing it, personalizing it and then polarizing it with the hopes of ending his reputation, ruining his life and ultimately destroying him.

But they are not done because Kavanaugh remains a threat.

They have vowed to continue to “harass” Kavanaugh for a crime he didn’t commit through their failing leader, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Pelosi indicated on Saturday that she will file a Freedom of Information Act request for the seventh FBI report on sexual assault allegations to uncover what the Republican Majority tried to cover up regarding Kavanaugh.

Why was the Left not successful in stopping Kavanaugh with Alinsky’s rules this time?

Two reasons.

Simply put, …God. Many prayed ceaselessly for God to render justice and not allow evil to win.

Because Christians came together in force and prayed, God listened.

Secondly, President Donald Trump.

Trump never turned his back on an innocent man. As Trump stated, he felt bad for Kavanaugh because he had worked his whole life for the position and his life was being destroyed by seemingly false allegations.

Any other President would have walked away and left Kavanaugh’s life in shambles.

Thankfully, Trump is not “any other President.” He stood up for what was right and stood by Kavanaugh throughout the process.

What’s next in the Left’s Playbook?

The Left never stops pursuing their globalist goals and they never will.

The “insanity” of the liberal Left is currently in high gear with a focus on Midterm elections.

You can be assured that they will leave no Saul Alinksy rule out of their repertoire in order to try and take back the House or the Senate.

Simply, they are after power and control.

And the only way to get it is to destroy anything and everything in their way, including our American values.

As Saints, we must do everything legally, morally and ethically to stop them, equipped with the full armor of God while praying for their defeat.





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