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Louie Gohmert’s Recent ‘Bombshell’ About Hillary Has Gone Unnoticed

Earlier this month, during a House Committee hearing in which FBI Director & Former Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok was subpoenaed to testify, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) revealed a ‘bombshell’ about Hillary Clinton that has since been summarily dismissed by mainstream media and apparently others, including Republicans.

You may recall that Gohmert and Strzok had a fiery exchange during the hearing in which Gohmert asked Strzok, “How many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eyes and lie to her?”

It was at that point that the room erupted with the sound of Democrats grasping in disbelief that Gohmert would dare “go there” with that type of question.

Gohmert’s question unfortunately overshadowed other more important news that was also revealed during the hearing.

Gohmert told Strzok that the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found an “anomaly on Hillary Clinton’s emails going through their private server, and when they had done the forensic analysis, they found that her emails, every single one except four, over 30,000, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list.”

It was what Gohmert said next that placed doubt on Russia as the only potential “meddler” in the United States’ election process.

Gohmert added about Clinton’s 30,000 emails on her server:

“It was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia.

Gohmert then pressed Strzok and stated that Strzok had been contacted by ICIG investigator, Frank Rucker who presented Strzok with the information about Hillary but Strzok did nothing with the information.

Strzok remembered the meeting with Rucker but couldn’t remember the “specific content” of that meeting.

Fast forward to the closed door session with Lisa Page (former FBI attorney and former lover of Strzok) had with the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees the day after Strzok’s meeting.

After Page’s interview with the committee, Gohmert appeared on Fox News and once again reiterated that 30,000 emails on Clinton’s server went to another foreign entity that was not Russia.

Gohmert said it’s clear that it wasn’t only Russia that was attempting to meddle in our election process.

However, Gohmert failed to reveal which country or countries were involved in meddling.

Rumors soon surfaced on social media claiming Page had implicated China as the entity “unrelated to Russia” who had meddled in U.S. elections.

However, Politifact quickly dispelled those rumors rendering them completely false.

Gohmert’s revelation about the ICIG’s report also explains why President Donald Trump implicated another entity when he made a statement following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

You may recall that following Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin, Trump was forced to clarify a statement he made about the U.S. Intelligence community.

While Trump indicated that he trusts the intelligence community, he added about meddling in our elections that, “It could be other people also. There’s a lot of people out there.”

The Left responded as though Trump wanted to relieve Russia of the blame rather than for what it was, including other entities who were responsible as well.

The liberal mainstream media chose to ignore Gohmert’s earlier assertion that the ICIG confirmed Clinton emails were going somewhere other than Russia and twisted Trump’s statement to make it appear that he really didn’t trust his intel community and didn’t want to hold Russia responsible.

Why hasn’t anyone looked into the “other entity” to discover what they were doing with Hillary’s hacked emails?

Was another country meddling in our elections?

Or worse, were people placed in jeopardy and perhaps even died when classified information that Hillary emailed to then President Barack Obama and members of his administration fell into the hands of this foreign entity?

You can be assured that Democrats will never investigate it because they fear the answer.

Republicans owe it to the American public to find out those answers.


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