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Media Pushes Guns are to Blame for Florida Shooting, Poll Disagrees?

Mainstream media continues to give more coverage to victims of the Florida school shooting who agree with the liberal Left agenda of gun control. Media wants the public to blame guns for the tragedy while others place the blame for loss of lives on the failure of government, not guns.

How do Americans really feel about the recent shooting and whether restrictions on the Second Amendment would have saved lives?

As 18-year-old survivor Brandon Minoff recently told Laura Ingraham in reference to his fellow students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas speaking out about the tragedy to the media, “I feel like the conservative side of it is being ignored, it’s just pushing gun control.”

Minoff went on to explain, “I wholeheartedly believe that the media is politicizing this tragedy. There are two sides to every story, but they only want to hear one.”

Do most Americans agree with the media or Minoff?

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, not surprisingly, many Americans disagree with the media’s point of view.

A survey of 1,000 American Adults was conducted on February 25-26, 2018.

The results are as follows:

  • 54% of American Adults believe the failure of government agencies to respond to numerous warning signs from the prospective killer is more to blame for the mass shooting.
  • Thirty-three percent (33%) attribute the deaths more to a lack of adequate gun control.
  • Eleven percent (11%) opt for something else.

The results also indicated that while forty-one (41%) of Americans believe stricter gun control laws would do the most to reduce mass murders, approximately the same percentage of Americans believed that more attention to mental health issues would make a bigger difference.

Middle-aged voters, adults married with children and those that watched the news closely about the Florida shooting believe the government is more to blame and that the government can’t be trusted to get it right.

As expected, 50% of Democrats believe a lack of sufficient gun control is more to blame while 75% of Republicans and 55% of adults not from either major political party see government, not a lack of adequate gun control, to blame.

The media has all but forgotten about the fact that it was the FBI, Sheriff’s Department and even school officials who seemingly dropped the ball leading up to the Florida school shooting.

Whether it was the FBI failing to follow up on tips about the school shooter or concerns about whether the Sheriff’s Department responded appropriately by setting up a perimeter on the outside rather than rushing in to take down the active shooter and save as many lives as possible, it appears that government agencies’ errors were the real culprit.

And, what about the Florida Department of Children and Families that investigated the Florida shooting suspect after it was reported he was allegedly on Snapchat cutting his arms and expressing an interest in buying a gun? Was there more that they could have or should have done?

There are also questions about whether the school acted properly in its handling of the suspect’s behaviors.

Was the school following the Obama administration’s 2014 “social justice” guidelines which may have caused them not to expel the suspect earlier than they did. Did they provide him with sufficient mental health resources?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that various government entities failed to take adequate steps to protect the students and the public in general.

However, media will continue to focus its attention on convincing the public that most Americans believe as they do that gun control is the only answer.

Don’t fall for the lie!



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