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Michael Avenatti: Not Asked to Sit with the ‘Cool Attorneys’ Against Kavanaugh

KavanaughMichael Avenatti who appears not to have been invited to work with the “cool attorneys” (the team of high-powered attorneys representing the accuser Christine Blasey Ford against U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh).

However, he seems almost desperate to make a name for himself by tweeting out posts on his social media account forecasting what he has planned next for Kavanaugh under his tutelage as “Attorney, Advocate, Fighter for Good.” (At least that’s how he refers to himself on his Twitter account.)

Avenatti who represents porn “star” Stormy Daniels in her fight against President Donald Trump to convince the public that she had an affair with him before he was President (or was there another reason she brought her lawsuit concerning a breach of a confidentiality agreement?), has now jumped into the mix to claim that he has “information” and even a new accuser that will speak out against Kavanaugh.

Avenatti told Politico, an accuser’s on-camera interview will be released within the next 48 hours (or before Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing).

A Politico Reporter tweeted on Monday that:

. tells us his client will go public with an on-camera interview and more details of accusations against Kavanaugh in the next 48 hours via

Avenatti’s quest as the “Fighter for Good” began with an email.

Avenatti sent an email to Mike Davis, Chief Counsel for Nominations with many “leading questions” that the Senate Judiciary Committee should ask Kavanaugh.

Avenatti did this without naming an actual person, an actual accusation or an actual event.

He merely implied that Kavanaugh was involved in “something.”

Avenatti said:

“My e-mail of moments ago with Mike Davis, Chief Counsel for Nominations for U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary. We demand that this process be thorough, open and fair, which is what the American public deserves. It must not be rushed and evidence/witnesses must not be hidden.”

Following Avenatti’s initial post, the public has more “Avenatti gold” they can cling to?

Will the “new” accuser present similar “blockbuster” allegations as Avenatti’s post concerning the “entry” in Kavanaugh’s yearbook regarding:

“FFFFFFFourth of July”

which Avenatti indicates that “WE (emphasis added) believe that this stands for: Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them. As well as the term “Devil’s Triangle.” Perhaps Sen. Grassley can ask him.

Avenatti ended his tweet with #Basta which apparently means “enough” in Italian. I guess you had to be there or be Italian like Avenatti (is he Italian?) to appreciate it.

Other questions remain about Avenatti’s “evidence.”

Why did Avenatti not indicate that the alleged entry in Kavanaugh’s yearbook was written by Kavanaugh?

Answer: Because Avenatti knows that he doesn’t have proof that Kavanaugh wrote it.

Even if it Avenatti thinks Kavanaugh wrote it, he clearly doesn’t have the testimony of a handwriting expert who can say with certainty that the handwriting was that of Kavanaugh.

He has implied it, however, seemingly with the hope that the American public won’t ask for proof and will just believe what “we believe it means.”

Is that how justice and fairness works in America? No.

Avenatti knows he has nothing to support his allegations about what the six “Fs” represent in the word “Fourth.”

As Avenatti knows, it doesn’t matter what “he believes” the multiple “Fs” represent.

It only matters what the accuser alleges the letters signify.

It also requires the accuser to support his/her allegations with ‘FACTUAL INFORMATION” known as proof.

It’s Law 101 in case Avenatti has forgotten.

The six “F’s” simply could imply an emphasis of the word “Fourth of July” because there was excitement about the upcoming holiday.

If an attorney says, “we believe” it means…then it’s an opinion. If Avenatti knew for sure he would have said that “It means…” or “My client indicates it means…”

Avenatti is being very careful to choose his words as many attorneys do because he isn’t on solid ground with any evidence to back up the claim.

He’s apparently also into issuing “warnings” now to others who would dare question him.

Avenatti also issued a “warning” and stated that “The GOP and others better be very careful in trying to suggest that she (the “new accuser”) is not credible.”

“Warning: My client re Kavanaugh has previously done work within the State Dept, U.S. Mint, & DOJ. She has been granted multiple security clearances in the past including Public Trust & Secret. The GOP and others better be very careful in trying to suggest that she is not credible”

I remember that Hillary Clinton also did work within the State Dept. and that former FBI Peter Strzok worked for the FBI and Bruce Ohr, currently works for the DOJ.

In today’s climate, that doesn’t hold much water.

Avenatti fired back on Twitter to GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel after she called the accusations against Kavanaugh a baseless smear and said you know it is if there are 1) No witnesses; 2) No corroborating evidence and 3) Michael Avenatti is involved.


Not to be outdone and to defend his “incredible record”, Avenatti responded:

“.: Any time you would like to compare my track record over the last 7 mos. with yours or Trump’s relating to the credibility of info and stmts, I would be happy to. Not a single thing I have said in countless interviews over the last 7 mos. has proven to be false.”

Well, one thing is true. He has had “countless interviews over the last 7 mos.” no doubt as he is striving to make a name for himself so that he can make a bid for the White House in 2020.

Whether or not truth will come out of what Avenatti has to offer has yet to be seen.





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