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‘Mission Accomplished!’ Dems ‘Shame’ Jackson Out of the White House

Reports indicate that Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson will not be returning to his role as White House physician following unproven allegations that Democrat Jon Tester (D-Mont) leveled against Jackson last week.

According to Politico, Sean Conley who took over for Jackson last month as White House physician during Jackson’s bid to become secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, will continue on as President Donald Trump’s personal physician.

No doubt Tester and other Democrats, including one Independent who sit on The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee minority staff are cheering “Mission Accomplished!”

Shortly after Jackson’s nomination for the position by Trump, Tester who is seeking re-election in Montana, took to the airwaves to deliver “hearsay” which he claimed proved that Jackson was not the right candidate for the job.

Tester gave no information to support the allegations presented and failed to mention that the information he had was typically the type of hearsay gathered on any candidate for such a high ranking position.

It’s not uncommon to question everyone who may have known or who currently knows a candidate. The information gathered is based on personal knowledge and something the person may have “heard” about the candidate.

Once all the information is assembled, further investigation is done to assure its veracity.

Tester claimed in a recent report that Jackson wrecked a government vehicle when he was drunk.

Tester’s information turned out to be false according to the Secret Service who indicated that there were no reports of Jackson being involved in an accident involving a government vehicle.

Obviously, Tester was relying on information that had not been vetted for accuracy.

Apparently, truth was not what Tester was after!

The character of Jackson was quickly tarnished in a public forum and he withdrew his nomination to prevent further damage to himself and to protect his family.

Today’s hostile environment of Left-wing deception doesn’t seem to care about truth.

Gone are the days of allowing for a civilized and professional hearing in which a candidate is allowed to answer questions about their qualifications.

Perhaps Tester should have an opportunity to explain to voters why Alexander Soros, the son of liberal billionaire George Soros, invested in his last campaign and gave $650,000 in total to Democratic campaigns and committees.

There is no record of Tester refusing to accept his donation from Soros.

Tester may also want to discuss the fact that he was once a top recipient of cash from lobbyists and raised more than double that of his Republican challenger in 2011–2012 but today claims to be an anti-lobbyist of sorts?

At the time, a chart labeled “Lobbyists: Top Recipients” from the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan clearinghouse for campaign finance information showed Tester leading the pack with donations of $348,031.

More recently, Tester has become somewhat of an anti-lobbyist, introducing a bill in 2017 to create a ban on lobbying.

If nothing else, it seems like a bit of a contradiction for the man who was once labeled a “top recipient of lobbyist money?”

Unlike with Jackson, the mainstream media doesn’t appear interested in bringing any “negative” information to light about Tester so whether the information is hearsay or the truth won’t really matter in his case.

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