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Nancy Pelosi is Dreaming of House Leadership While Dems Meltdown

Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are cheering their gains and takeover of the House following the midterm elections.

While Pelosi, who hopes to become Speaker of the House, dreams of many new investigations against President Trump, including subpoenaing Trump’s tax returns and “restoring the Constitution’s checks and balances to the Trump administration,” it appears that Trump won’t be sitting idly by.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted:

It’s a game many believe the Trump administration should have been playing all along instead of giving those like Hillary Clinton a pass in regards to her private email server issues.

Learning to be proactive rather than reactive is a trait Republicans will need to quickly acquire if they intend to compete with Democrats in upcoming elections.

It may also benefit the Trump administration to stop forecasting future moves to avoid Democrat interference.

On Wednesday, President Trump sent a message to Democrats that he may be coming to the end of his patience with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prolonged “all things Russia” investigation.

Trump tweeted:

One day after the midterms, Trump asked former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign.

In addition, Session was replaced with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker until a replacement could be appointed and confirmed later.

Whitaker, who is not a fan of Mueller will now oversee the Mueller investigation. Whitaker took over and took away Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s authority as it pertains to the Mueller investigation.

These two events set off a panic within the Democratic Party.

Democrats interpreted Trump’s actions as a signal that he would soon dismiss Mueller.

Protesters took to the streets around the United States on Thursday to #ProtectMueller in their #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw campaign.

Seems as though Democrats are afraid their “witch hunt” may be coming to a close and won’t be around for the 2020 Presidential election?

If Trump fires Mueller it will surely set off a complete meltdown of Democrats and could hurt him politically.

It could also lead Democrats in the House to consider impeachment proceedings against Trump, something Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has been wanting to do for the past 2 years.

However, with a strong Senate in place, Trump may not be so concerned with what Democrats think.

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  1. Jacqueline Campbell // 10 November, 2018 at 3:58 am //

    If anybody should be impeached, are the communist democrats. They are the SCUMBAGS who are promoting all the VIOLENCE ! Wake the HELL UP PEOPLE ! THEY are RESURRECTED FROM THE DEVIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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