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Netanyahu Speech Showed True Leadership in the Face of Adversity

netanyahu picIt was truly wonderful to shut down the Obama administration’s negative political “machine” at least temporarily so that it couldn’t spew the administration’s “America is bad” rhetoric, long enough for Americans to hear a true leader deliver an emotional and inspiring speech about his own country and his vow to defend it.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took center stage before Congress while absentees, Obama and 50 other Democrat Congress members, attempted to disrespect Netanyahu by not appearing at the speech.

President Obama

President Obama

Sadly, however, once again the Obama administration and missing Democrats were upstaged by a gallant leader who chose to take the highroad. During his speech, Netanyahu took the time to thank Obama, the Congress and the American people for their support of Israel.

There was no mention made of those who chose not to attend the speech. Rather, Netanyahu chose to get down to business and leave all of the “Obama drama” out of his dialogue.

Netanyahu spoke plainly about the dangers of the potential Obama deal with Iran and how it could lead to the destruction of Israel and possibly the world.

“This is a bad deal — a very bad deal. We’re better off without it,” Netanyahu pointed out.

He said a second major concession under the deal would allow Iran to get to the bomb after 10 years.

Finally, he said the deal “won’t change Iran for the better, it will change the Middle East for the worse,” saying Iran’s neighbors, presumably Saudi Arabia and others, will pursue their own nuclear programs.

The Obama administration could use a refresher course from Netanyahu about what leadership looks like and what it means to truly lead and defend a nation that you love.

Netanyahu also took the opportunity near the end of his speech to speak about Moses and the deliverance of the Jewish people. Additionally, he asked God to bless Israel and the United States.

His was a heartfelt speech filled with gratitude toward the people of the U.S. How wonderful it would have been to see Obama there in solidarity with our closest ally asking for God’s blessing on Israel and also for this country.

Today, Netanyahu nobly led his country and represented them well before Congress and the American people. In fact, his speech left me and perhaps many in America reminiscing about what it was like when we had a strong leader and how refreshing it would be to once again have such a leader in the U.S.

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Perhaps one day we will return to a time when valiant leadership matters and when the people of America are more important than one’s ego.

It is my hope that the GOP Congress members who “cave” to the Democrats at every opportunity will replay the Netanyahu speech until they have learned what is expected of them from the American people.

America craves the return to a time when our country was second only to God and our people mattered more than being re-elected for the umpteenth time to political office.

May God bless Israel and May God bless America!

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