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Nike Hopes to Make Colin Kaepernick a ‘Hero’ in ‘Just Do It’ Campaign

colin kaepernickIt appears that Nike is taking a risk in naming the former controversial San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the new face of their ‘Just Do It’ campaign, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Nike’s ad, featuring Kaepernick appears to hold Kaepernick in almost “martyr-like” high regard for his decision to protest on game day starting in the summer of 2016 in what he views as racial injustices against the African-American community.

No one ever wanted to deny Kaepernick his free speech to protest but some NFL fans believe that he should protest on “his own time and his own dime.”

Fans come to the game to get away from politics not to be a captive audience for an ego-driven millionaire to share his political ideologies.

But “egotism” and “heroism” seem to be at the center of the ad that attempts to make Kaepernick look like a “saint” for choosing to do what he wanted to do rather than what loyal fans who paid his salary came to see him do….play football!

Kaepernick’s tweet below for Nike speaks of a “sacrifice” that he has made for his political choices:

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

As the NFL saw a reported $30 million dip in ad revenue in the 2017 season many fans continue to say that they won’t be returning in 2018 to watch players “take a knee” in protest.

Now Nike has given former NFL fans who didn’t appreciate Kaepernick’s hand (or should I say knee) in starting the on field protests, another reason to hit Kaepernick (indirectly) in the financial “pocketbook” by refusing to purchase Nike products.

Many conservatives voiced their opinions about the ad on Twitter on Monday.

Some reminded Kaepernick about what real “sacrifice” looks like.

“This is what “sacrificing everything” looks like

Please tell me again about your sacrifice?

While others said “goodbye” to Nike for their decision.

horrible business decision! It makes me sick that you stand behind .

Yes. I will just do it.

Liberals of course, promised to continue to support Kaepernick and Nike.

What will you do?

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