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Poll on Kavanaugh That Mainstream Media and Dems Hope You Don’t See

brett kavanaughFor years, many have known that the liberal mainstream media spins and often deliberately fails to report on certain information. Their bias became even more pronounced during the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

President Donald Trump and others believe that the mainstream media is nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party who seemingly work in lockstep to push a common agenda.

This is a ‘dangerous’ and misleading breach of trust for those who rely on the MSM for truth.

According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 57 percent of Americans still tune into cable, local and network nightly news to get informed.

Those age 30 and over depend on mainstream media with an increasing dependence on television for their news as they age.

The percentages of those who watch television to get their news are as follows:

45% – Adults ages 30-49

72% – Adults ages 50-64

85% – Adults ages 65+

These numbers indicate that many people rely on MSM to be honest and truthful in their reporting but this is not always the case.

Take for example, MSM’s coverage of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. 

According to a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll of 1,330 registered voters conducted September 29-30, once voters were told the ‘FACTS/TRUTH‘ about the case, their decision drastically changed regarding whether Kavanaugh should be confirmed.

At least for those 30 and older, it would appear that MSM didn’t bother to tell them the whole story about why evidence matters.

Initially, after listening to both Kavanaugh and his accuser speak during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, the results were as follows:

“44 percent rejected Kavanaugh’s nomination and only 37 percent said they wanted Kavanaugh confirmed.

Those who believed Ford’s testimony were 40 percent while those who supported Kavanaugh were at  23 percent, while 27 percent found both to be credible.”

What has been the message that MSM and Democrats have been pushing throughout the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings?

Mainstream media working in tandem with liberal Democrats have made it clear that “men should shut up and stand up” while believing all female accusers, according to Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii).

Other Democrats like Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) have also warned that female accusers should be believed without question.

While liberal outlets like The New York Times were once “not” on board with believing all female accusers, they appear to have changed their minds in today’s political climate.

A NYT’s columnist wrote in 2017 that while she believed Juanita Broaddrick told the truth about former President Bill Clinton raping her, she concluded that, “At the same time, looking back at the smear campaign against the Clintons shows we can’t treat the feminist injunction to “believe women” as absolute.”

The current message from the Left is that a female accuser only needs to state her case in order to be believed and that the man she accuses of sexual assault is “guilty until proven innocent.”

Without mainstream media to openly challenge this unconstitutional philosophy (which ignores due process) and set the record straight for its viewers, scores of Americans who rely on MSM will once again be misinformed.

What happened to poll results when people were told the truth about the Kavanaugh matter despite MSM’s lack of information?

Once these same voters were told that there was no corroborating evidence to prove that Kavanaugh had committed any wrongdoing, shockingly (NOT) the voters changed their minds.

It appears that voters aren’t basing their decision about Kavanaugh on “how credible” they think either he or his accuser were during the hearing, but rather FACTS mattered most to them.

Once voters were told that the named witnesses denied any knowledge of the allegations, 57 percent favored Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Additionally, the percentage of those wanting Kavanaugh to be confirmed rises to 60 percent if the FBI determines that there is no corroboration.

In other words, even though liberal Democrats and the liberal mainstream media are willing to “convict” someone based upon ZERO evidence and withhold relevant information to push an agenda, the American public if given the facts, still believe in fairness and the rule of law.

It’s past time for Americans to stop relying upon MSM and liberal Democrats to give them anything close to the truth.




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