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Prominent California Surgeon Faces Multiple Charges of Child Rape

Those accused of hurting children come from all walks of life and don’t fall under an easily recognizable description such that would indicate to parents and others who care for children that their child may be in danger.

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Take a recent case out of Santa Cruz, Calif. in which a prominent brain surgeon, Dr. James Kohut is facing charges of child rape and abuse for reportedly sexually assaulting 11 children.

He was originally charged with three counts, then 10 and most recently the district attorney’s office increased the total counts to 11.

Kohut is facing a possible sentence of 165 years to life if convicted.

Deputy District Attorney Steven Moore said then about the 10 counts:

“It involves multiple children on different dates. Of the 10 charges, six of them involve specific sex acts committed on children under the age of 10.”

Kohut is well known for his work as a surgeon at Dominican Hospital and Sutter Maternity and Surgery Center of Santa Cruz. He has been licensed to practice in California since 1998. Kohut’s medical license has now been suspended in California, Arkansas and Alabama.

Two other people, including a registered nurse who reportedly was dating Kohut, according to her attorney, were also arrested and charged with several counts of child molestation and one count of manufacturing child pornography.

Nick Cvietkovich, Kohut’s attorney had this to say about the charges against his client:

“Dr. Kohut has spent his life saving people’s lives. He is a renowned brain surgeon. This is not conduct he would participate in. And I think at the end of the day the evidence will show this is not true.”

Protesters on Wednesday stood out in front of the courthouse to make sure the judge in the case knew that they did not want Kohut released back into the community with their children.

Despite the protests and strong objections by the prosecution, the judge set bail at $6.4 million.

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