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Rahm Emanuel Thinks Chicago Needs to ‘Step Up’ to Stop Shootings!

Hey Chicago! Your Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson believe you need to “step up” following another bloody weekend in the gun-free windy city.

After 70 people were shot over the weekend, including 11 who were killed, Emanuel and Johnson both agreed in a news conference Monday that it was the “communities” who need to take responsibility, not necessarily the Mayor or law enforcement.

Emanuel seemed unable to leave the news conference quickly enough after failing to take responsibility for the city’s horrible shooting statistics.

Emanuel said:

“All of us know that this is not Chicago, what we saw. We are better than what we saw.”

Does he not listen to the news reports and read the statistics?

So far this year, there have been 1,785 shooting victims and believe it or not, the number is lower than last year by 480.

The number of shootings have fluctuated over the past six years with 2016 and 2017 seeing a huge spike.

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
1,539 1,333 1,501 1,675 2,503 2,265 1,785

However, no one should be shocked especially Emanuel and Johnson because there are multiple shootings and deaths every weekend in Chicago.

It’s nothing new!

Instead of focusing on what law enforcement and the Mayor weren’t doing to prevent the shootings, the Superintendent and Mayor found another “cause” in which to place blame.

Emanuel and Johnson focused on parents and neighborhoods, telling them they need to be accountable.

Nothing shocking here. Democrats always find someone else to blame. It’s never them!

Johnson said:

“As neighborhoods, we can do better.”

Johnson added that he and Emanuel are always held accountable but quickly added that there is a “lack of accountability in the communities plagued by violence.”

Johnson seemed to grow a bit more defensive when he said:

“I hear people holding us accountable all the time but I never hear people saying ‘these individuals out here on the street need to stop pulling the trigger. I never hear that. It’s the same individuals that continually commit those crimes. Where is the accountability for them?”

Criminals accepting responsibility for committing crimes? Now that’s a new one.

Johnson, however, wouldn’t admit that the city was “on fire” due to the high numbers of shootings and fatalities.

He also placed the blame on certain areas of the city, implying that it’s not the entire city that has issues but certain communities where the violence occurs.

Would those be gang ridden communities by chance, Superintendent Johnson?

Johnson said:

“The city isn’t on fire, we just have to do what we have to do in those challenged areas to make it better.”

Johnson did concede that the police can’t do it alone without the community’s help.

But wait!

Chicago is a gun-free zone which means the public can’t carry. Therefore, if you can’t do it “alone” without the community’s help Superintendent Johnson, doesn’t it make sense to allow the public to arm and protect themselves so they can help out?

No response needed. I already know what the liberal answer would be: “Guns are the problem. We wouldn’t want to put more guns out there on the streets (in the hands of law abiding citizens).”

While I agree that parents must do better and are responsible for raising children properly, the real problem is that liberal Democrats rid families in Democrat-run cities of fathers.

This started decades ago when fathers were replaced by government assistance.

This left many kids to be raised in single family homes without the necessary supervision required by some to stay out of trouble.

Let’s face it. In reality, It’s difficult enough for two people to raise a child let alone one person.

Also, if the police Superintendent and Mayor aren’t willing to do the “necessary work” to resolve the problem then nothing is going to get done.

Chicago, it’s time to rid your neighborhoods of gang members and enact laws to ban them from associating with each other.

It’s also time to enact tougher gun laws. I’m not speaking of those that infringe on the Second Amendment, but rather those laws that will severely punish anyone using a gun in the commission of a crime.

Stiff penalties and long prison sentences may deter crime but admittedly it will not stop all gun violence.

In addition, the streets of Chicago must rid the neighborhoods of illegal drugs, prostitution and other spiritually demonic activities that rob a person of their soul and often lead to criminal acts.

For anyone to essentially tell you that you are the problem signals it may be time to replace those who believe that.

Stop allowing the State to raise your children.

Finally, Chicagoans, your city and state have not done a good job in raising “your” kids.

Education about gangs, gun violence and drugs should begin early and at home, taught by parents and caregivers, not the state.

It’s the leadership of Chicago that is ultimately the issue.

The short answer for how to resolve Chicago’s gun violence involves changing Chicago’s leadership.

It’s time for Emanuel to go and be replaced with someone who doesn’t point fingers at everyone else but himself.

A strong, get tough, experienced leader is needed.

As Rudy Giuliani said:

“Chicago murders are direct result of one party Democratic rule for decades. Policing genius Jerry McCarthy can do for Chicago what I did for NYC. He was one of the architects of Compstat. Slashed homicides over 70%. Tens of thousands of lives saved.”


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