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Rod Rosenstein Wants Another Mueller-type Investigation of Kavanaugh?

Deputy Rod Rosenstein, U.S. Deputy Attorney General has made an unusual request when it comes to reviewing U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Is anyone surprised that there is once again “drama” and politics attached what Rosenstein does?

Following Rosenstein’s continuous expansion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “scope” in the “all things Russia” investigation with no end in sight, it’s becoming commonplace.

This time is no different.

Rosenstein requested in a letter obtained by The New York Times, the use of federal prosecutors to help with the vetting process of Kavanaugh.

Did Kavanaugh commit a crime requiring experienced federal prosecutors to look into his background?

Maybe in Rosenstein’s eyes the atypical move to use federal prosecutors in vetting a Supreme Court justice is warranted since President Donald Trump who nominated Kavanaugh is the focus Mueller’s investigation?

Reportedly, Rosenstein sent an email to 93 U.S. Attorneys asking that up to three federal prosecutors from each office “who can make this important project a priority for the next several weeks” volunteer for the process.

According to the email, Rosenstein expects to hire 100 full-time attorneys to work on the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. The work supposedly will be supervised by the DOJ’s Office of Legal Policy in Washington.

Rosenstein expects to receive names of those attorneys by Wednesday.

Does this mean that Rosenstein will have time to research the names of the attorneys to determine what if any donations they may have made to the Hillary Clinton campaign? #sarcasm

We know that the attorneys connected to the Mueller investigation gave to her campaign and that seemed appropriate to Mueller to hire them to investigate the Trump administration.

Are we seriously supposed to believe that there are no “politics” involved in Rosenstein’s hiring of an arsenal of high powered prosecutors?

Someone please explain why prosecutors are necessary considering Kavanaugh’s past:

  1. Kavanaugh worked in the George W. Bush administration.
  2. Kavanaugh assisted in the Ken Starr investigation that led to former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.
  3. He was appointed by Bush to the District of Columbia Circuit where he has rendered over 300 opinions in the past 12 years.

Does Kavanaugh lead a double life that we don’t know about? #sarcasm

Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores attempted to explain why the “overkill” was necessary.

Flores said:

“The scope of the production of executive branch documents we’ve been asked for is many, many times as large,” as previous Supreme Court nominees.

Also, Democrats have indicated that they want to see all of Kavanaugh’s documents.

Why do I sense that another Mueller-type investigation with a 100 attorneys and an ever broadening scope is about to occur in order to delay the confirmation of Kavanaugh for as long as possible with Rosenstein leading the charge?

It’s deja vous!

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