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Senator Sessions Tapped by Donald Trump for Attorney General

President-elect Donald Trump has selected Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to be America’s next attorney general. Sessions is a conservative who has in the past opposed immigration reform.

sessions, jeffBut many feel Trump’s pick will be a controversial one as those on the left quickly move to point out that Sessions was rejected in his bid to be a Federal district judge in Alabama when nominated by then President Ronald Reagan in 1986. It was the only judicial nominee of Reagan’s that was not endorsed by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Even in the 1980s, it seems political correctness was alive and well.

Sessions had been accused of a making “a racially insensitive statement” while serving as United States Attorney in Alabama. Although, Sessions denied making any racial statements, both Democrats and Republicans expressed concerns regarding his “attitude” toward members of minority groups and the fact he prosecuted three blacks in 1985 that were eventually acquitted on charges of voting fraud.

Mosby-MarylinIf ‘rumors’ alone were sufficient grounds for rejecting Trump’s pick then surely Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby would never be considered for any such position in the future should Democrats ever control the White House again. You may recall Mosby’s failed attempt to prosecute six police officers charged with homicide in the death of Freddie Gray or her statement that “Our time is now.” All charges were later dropped. However, those on the left don’t consider her to be a racist because she hastily brought charges against innocent police officers.

Then Attorney General Edwin Meese issued a statement claiming the campaign waged against the nominee by a number of liberal groups was ”based entirely on their political and philosophical differences with Reagan Administration policies and initiatives,” and added, ”Political or ideological litmus tests should have no place in the confirmation process.”

Sound familiar?

And without skipping a beat, those on the left let their thoughts flow on social media about Trump’s selection, once again while beating their liberal drums of false and misleading information:

Some even used Sessions’ appointment as evidence that Trump is racist.

safety-pinsIt would appear that safety pins will be needed to provide a safe place for those on the left who are willing once again to attempt to convict a man for “racism” when there is no evidence to support the charge.

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