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Senior Newsweek Writer Makes Inconceivable Statements Against GOP and Family Members

Source: Kurt Eichenwald Twitter profile

A liberal left senior writer for Newsweek, Kurt Eichenwald who also indicates on Twitter that he is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, contributor to MSNBC and a New York Times bestselling author, appears to be obsessed with the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

As such, he chose to take out his frustrations on Twitter starting Friday.

His tweets have a desperate tone to them.

Some of his statements aimed at the GOP and their families are highly inappropriate and unthinkable.

The Daily Caller captured a screenshot before Eichenwald could delete one of the more egregious tweets which read:

“As one w/preexisting condition: I hope every GOPr who voted for Trumpcare sees a family member get long term condition, lose insurance, & die.” (11:33pm-5 May 2017)

The following day, Eichenwald continued his rant, mentioning The Daily Caller:

He even sarcastically encouraged his followers to let The Daily Caller know how they felt:

Eichenwald had more to tweet on May 5 and didn’t mince words:

Eichenwald even apparently spread fake news about the GOP drinking beer to “celebrate killing people” and once again focusing on GOP loved ones:

GOP members and their families weren’t the only ones Eichenwald attacked. Even Christians felt his ire:

Eichenwald even touched on and criticized Republicans for wanting tax cuts:

Eichenwald may have been listening to long to fear mongers such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and others on the left about the devastation that will be caused by the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. Although, as usual, they fail to show any proof of this or that people died before Obamacare became law seven years ago.

While Eichenwald may believe he should have concerns regarding coverage for pre-existing conditions due to his health issues and those of his wife, hopefully in the light of day he can now reflect upon the highly unbelievable and unprofessional way he went about discussing those concerns.

At the very least, I believe an apology is in order.

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