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Smashburger Apologizes for Anti-Police Song, Fires Employees

It was reported on Saturday, that a police officer who was eating at Smashburger in Aurora, Colorado, was subjected to hearing an anti-police song, “N.W.A.’s F*** Tha Police,” played on repeat by employees of the restaurant.

“Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora” posted details of the incident on their Facebook page after complaining to Smashburger management:

“It has been related to us by a member while an Aurora Police Department Officer was dining at the Smashburger at Smoky Hill and Aurora Pkwy. the staff played “F@ck The Police” on repeat the entire time the officers were in their establishment.

This incident has been reported to their management. Please remember this when making your choice of where you dine!

Might we suggest an establishment who supports BFTF like Launch Pad Brewery in Aurora!

Thank you to those who #BackTheBlue, we see YOU, #YourSupportMatters!

Let’s see if Smashburger can #BackTheBlue too”

Smashburger promptly responded to Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora and had this to say:

“Dear Brotherhood For the Fallen Aurora,

First and foremost, we respect, honor and appreciate every police department in the country. The regrettable events of last night in no way reflect the values or principles that are core to the Smashburger brand. They occurred by way of the inappropriate actions by a few employees. They, and the manager in charge, have been placed on leave pending a thorough investigation.
We apologize to the police officers affected, as well as to any of our guests who were party to this unfortunate incident.

Thank you,

Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora applauded Smashburger’s quick response to the incident:

“We are happy to share Smashburger has made a statement as we anticipated ensuring they support law enforcement, and do not condone this behavior. We can all agree this act was likely a rogue employee whose actions unfortunately reflect poorly on the entire business which is undeserving to any profession.

We applaud their immediate initiative to look into this matter, and are certain they will take any steps they deem necessary.

Sadly, instances like this happen every day, but it the accountability and actions taken that define the values of any organization. Thank you to everyone for showing so much support and backing the blue! We See You too, and are grateful for your support!

Lets give Smashburger the chance they deserve to rectify any wrongdoing that may have occurred.”

A local news station in Aurora reached out to the restaurant’s CEO Tom Ryan, who issued a statement over the phone:

“We support the police and respect and admire them in all of the communities we serve.”

He further explained that kitchen staff went outside of Smashburger’s policy, and played their own music on their iPods while the officers were eating there. He said it was unauthorized and should not have happened.

Ryan apologized to the officers who were involved, and said it is a sad situation that he wishes didn’t happen.

“This by no means reflects how Smashburger thinks of law enforcement.” “This will not happen again.”

Smashburger also contacted Wednesday about the incident and indicated than an investigation was being conducted.

Through a direct message on Twitter, Smashburger once again reached out to and provided the following statement on Thursday:

We thought you would like to know that the employees and manager in charge are no longer with the company.”

Case closed! Smashburger acted appropriately in dismissing those responsible for disrespecting our hardworking police officers, men and women who put their lives on the line for their communities every day.

Feel free to show Smashburger your appreciation for their swift actions.

#BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue



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