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Susan Collins and Dems Invent Issue in SCOTUS Pick

Democrats and some RINOs like Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) made news recently following the announcement by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy that he is retiring effective July 31.

Almost immediately, those on the Left and those Republicans who advocate for pro-choice rights have expressed concerns that a nominee to replace Kennedy might seek to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Are their concerns valid?

For many Democrats, the answer is no. They are bringing up the issue of Roe v. Wade because it is an election year and they know the topic will immediately stir up their base.

As for Collins who is not up for re-election until 2020, one can only speculate it is because she wants to replace Sen. John McCain as the new “pain in the rear” of the President?

All kidding aside, there hasn’t even been a suggestion from anyone on President Donald Trump’s short list for U.S. Supreme Court Justice that Roe v. Wade should be or will be set aside if they become the next justice.

Collins is no doubt trying to play the pro-choice “hero” in advocating for women in this day and age of “MeToo” without there being a genuine reason for her to to take up the cause.

In this case, a “cause” doesn’t exist.

But that doesn’t appear to matter to Collins.

She claims that someone who would overturn the landmark case would “not be acceptable” and that any nominee who has respect for “precedent” would most likely not want to overturn the case.

I have news for Collins and I’m sure she already knows what I’m about to say.

Any nominee who does not respect “precedent” (earlier court cases that are regarded as examples or guides to be considered in subsequent similar cases) would probably be a Liberal and not a conservative.

Generally Liberals are the ones who stray from the “norm” whether in regards to a sound court case or other generally accepted principles.

Collins indicated on Sunday that Trump has expanded his list of 25 potential justices.

Collins who is considered the swing vote says that she had already ruled out some on Trump’s list.

Collins said:

“Some people on the list I can’t support because they have shown disrespect for vital principle of stare decisis,” referring to the judicial principle that affords strong deference to previous court rulings.

Trump has indicated that he probably will not ask his nominee how they would vote on Roe v. Wade.

Trump didn’t say why he wouldn’t pose the question but it may be because typically a nominee for the Supreme Court will not answer specific questions about particular cases.

Additionally, Trump knows that the feigned “concern” is just part of a political left-wing agenda.


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