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Sutherland Springs, Texas Shooting Caused by ‘Evil’ That’s Being Ignored

On Sunday, innocent church goers consisting of men, women and children, young and old, went to church services in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Twenty-six members didn’t return home because they were gunned down by a young man dressed in all black.

Immediately, following the deadliest church shooting in Texas, those on the Left like comedian Chelsea Handler, took to social media to blame Republicans for the shooting.

Handler tweeted: “Innocent people go to church on Sunday to honor their God, and while doing so, get shot in (sic) killed. What country? America. Why? Republicans.”

The negative reaction to her statement on Twitter was swift and deliberate:

Mike tweeted: “Glad you were around for the whole Steve Scalise thing.”

Chad Wilken wrote: “In 2013, 664,435 babies were killed. Why? Democrats.”

Dr.Estella Sneider tweeted: “Really?4 ur information the killer was a terrorist white supremacist #antifa #Democrat who targeted a conservative church 2 start #CivilWar”

Bottom line, the Left can be counted on to speak out about gun control anytime there is a shooting.

Do they really not understand that a person who is willing to kill doesn’t care about the law?

Can they not see that there are underlying issues they have not been dealt with when someone is willing to commit such a heinous crime?

I honestly believe that many on the Left have never actually thought those questions through while others are just repeating a left-wing agenda they have been brainwashed to say.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R)  said, following the shooting:

“You can’t necessarily keep guns out of the hands of people who are going to violate the law. If someone is willing to kill someone, they’re also going to be willing to violate a gun law.”

The problem we have today is that no one is willing to look at the reason “why” these shootings are occurring.

It’s much easier to put a “band aid”on an issue an demand a new law against guns than it is to address the root cause and effectuate a positive change.

Our society, quite frankly, has in many ways turned their backs on God, forgotten their morals and don’t value life as they once did.

It is a “sickness” that we have chosen to ignore for many years.

No matter how many state or federal laws our government enacts.

No matter how many guns, knives, vans or trucks you “outlaw”, if you don’t change the behavior and the depraved hearts of those who would seek to harm others, verbally, physically or otherwise, then these type of horrendous events will continue.

President Donald Trump, speaking from Tokyo referred to the shooting as an “act of evil.”

What’s the solution then?

As one Texas witness to the church shooting said:

“The Bible tells us that we overcome evil with good, and evil doesn’t overcome evil.”

The definition of evil is “profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force.”

Until we are willing to accept and resolve what is causing evil to permeate in individuals in our country, then we will continue to see more tragedies followed by the usual liberal cry for more gun control.



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