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Texas Lawyer Resigns After ‘Sexual Assault’ Remark About Betsy Devos

An attorney, Robert Ranco of Carlson Law Firm in Austin, Texas resigned after making a disturbing statement last week about Secretary of Education Betsy Devos on Twitter.

Ranco tweeted the following on September 8, 2017 in an account that has since been deleted from Twitter:

“I’m not wishing for it…but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted.”

Backlash was felt almost immediately on social media.

Ranco who is also a part-time Austin community college professor resigned from his law firm on Tuesday.

The Carlson Law Firm issued the following statement which in states in pertinent part:

“…In the end, we came to the same two conclusions:
With over 150 employees – 75% or whom are women – anyone in our company advocating or even expressing apathy towards sexual assault is affront to all victims and a line that simply cannot be uncrossed.

This has been an enormous distraction that has taken us away from the mission of our firm, which is to care for and help people.
Understanding and accepting this, Rob is taking full responsibility and choosing to resign.

As a man of faith, believer in forgiveness, and longtime friend, it is my sincere hope that Rob with learn from this experience and go on to have a very successful career.”

Ranco issued his own statement on Monday to KVUE in Austin:

“My tweet from Friday was a mistake. I take full responsibility from it. It was my mistake and nobody else’s and I apologize. I’ll be working continuously moving forward to make it for my mistake. I hope that Secretary DeVos and anyone else who was offended, impacted, shocked by my actions that they can find it in their hearts to forgive me.”

Ranco’s position may also be in jeopardy with the Austin Community College District where he reportedly has been an adjunct professor in their paralegal studies since 2015.

TWCNews in Austin asked the district what it thought about Ranco’s tweet.

The following statement was issued by the college as follows:

“The recent social media comments made by a part-time employee on his personal page do not represent ACC’s vision, mission, and values. The college does not condone these comments and their sentiment. ACC is reviewing the situation and will take appropriate action.”

Ranco apparently became frustrated with DeVos when she sought to overhaul failed Obama-era guidelines about campus sexual assault.

DeVos wrote:

“Through intimidation and coercion, the failed system has clearly pushed schools to overreach. With the heavy hand of Washington tipping the balance of her scale, the sad reality is that Lady Justice is not blind on campuses today.

This unraveling of justice is shameful, it is wholly un-American, and it is anathema to the system of self-governance to which our Founders pledged their lives over 240 years ago.”


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