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University of Arizona Class Builds an Anti-Trump ‘Border Wall’ Instead of Taking a Final Exam

Are there parents out there who hope their children grow up to be left-wing community organizations who are “fighting” the cause?

If so, then you will want to send your children to the University of Arizona where recently, participation in an anti-Trump rally replaced the need for a final exam.

Human-rights professor Angeles Maldonado gave her class of 20 students the option of taking a final exam or holding an anti-Trump rally.

Students chose to have a demonstration and were charged with creating a project for their “cause.”

The students, taking a cue perhaps from the social justice warriors donning black “ninja” outfits or even their professor’s experience, decided to hold a demonstration to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Maldonado said:

“The class decided that as a group project they wanted to make their voices heard about the issues that are affecting them today, so instead of just reading about the human-rights violations, they’d speak out about the current violations that are happening.”

Was there any particular reason Maldonado may have encouraged the students to “organize a protest?”

According to Maldonado’s bio, for the past 11 years, she has been closely involved in the immigrant rights movement in Arizona,

She was also:

“Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, her family immigrated to Phoenix in the summer of 1988 in pursuit of realizing the “American Dream.”  Her parents’ greatest goal was to be able to provide for their children greater educational opportunities not available to them in the small town of Salvatierra.”

Additionally, Maldonado is an experienced community organizer and wrote a dissertation titled: “Raids, Race, and Resistance: Narratives and Discourse in the Immigration Movement in Arizona.”

In addition, her bio indicates she “spent many hours organizing protests against Sheriff Arpaio.”

And what, you may ask, did the students come up with for their project? A symbolic anti-Trump border wall, of course.

The students formed a human wall and chanted “Wall Against Hate!,” protesting Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall.

In addition, the protest also highlighted LGBT rights, women’s rights and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Perhaps they could have protested against more issues but alas, how big of a wall can you build when you only have 20 students?

Campus police showed up at one point to warn demonstrators not to block people who were trying to walk in the area.

The wall had to be “torn down” and relocated out of the way of those who were trying to “legally cross the border” to get to class.

No one was arrested.

And those in Maldonado’s class got a taste of what it’s like to become a community organizer.

Tuition paying parents, rest assured most likely everyone got an “A” and perhaps a “trophy” for participation.


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  1. Wonder if her family came here legally or illegally? If they came the right way you would think she would be for legal immigrants. As her parents worked hard and shelled out a lot of money to come here the right way. Seems though she might be a illegal as she is fighting for the criminals . I would demand my money back as a parent.

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